Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Pronunciation Clarified By Nintendo

The name of the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has led to some confusion among fans, which has now been clarified by Nintendo. The game was announced in a recent Nintendo Direct, with a new trailer that also confirmed Tears of the Kingdom‘s release date.

The sequel to the immensely successful Breath of the Wild, often referred to as BOTW 2, has been a hot topic for Zelda fans ever since it was initially teased back in 2019. Naturally, this included rampant speculation on the name, with most fans quickly agreeing that Breath of the Wild 2 was unlikely to be the game’s official title. So when Tears of the Kingdom was announced, fans were of course delighted, but the title did pose some confusion. ‘Tears’ is a homonym; it could either refer to tears from crying, or tears in a piece of material. The official name was ironically more confusing than some popular fan-made titles for the sequel, such as Destiny Abound.


Fortunately, fans have received speedy clarification for the true pronunciation of Tears of the Kingdom. Eurogamer has now reported that according to Nintendo, the intended reading of the word “is tears as in crying.”This interpretation ties into several elements already found throughout the Zelda universe. For example, the recurring Sheikah Eye symbol includes a teardrop, an element that is referenced in how data is imparted to the Sheikah Slate through a drop of liquid in Breath of the Wild. Similarly, Tears of Light are collected by Link in Twilight Princess to rid Hyrule of the Twilight Realm’s encroachment, whilst in Skyward Sword’s mysteriousSilent RealmLink collects Sacred Tears in order to prove his worth.

Tears of The Kingdom Title Announcement Prompts Fresh Discussion

Of course, given the ravaged state of Hyrule seen in trailers so far, it could be that Nintendo means for Tears of the Kingdom to carry a double meaning. Regardless, the confirmation of the reading has prompted further discussion on the title’s implications for Tears of the Kingdom‘s story. A set of seven small objects of some kind can be seen in the latest trailer’s mural, for example, prompting theories that the ‘tears’ may be physical items Link must collect, rather than simply being a poetic turn of phrase. Meanwhile, some fans were undoubtedly shedding some very real tears at the end of this month’s Nintendo Direct, as the popular rumors of a Nintendo Switch port for Wind Waker failed to come to fruition.

It is good to see that Nintendo has been quick to undercut any confusion over the latest Zelda title. Whether or not the title was chosen to reflect both interpretations of the word ‘tears,’ fans can now be more confident in their pronunciation. Although the full meaning of the title is arguably still unknown, as much of Tears of the Kingdom‘s plot is still shrouded in mystery, this announcement will at least prevent any unnecessary arguments over the wording. However, it seems inevitable that the concept of ‘tears,’ already a recurring element in the Legend of Zelda series, will prompt plenty of discussion until more is learned, as was previously seen with hints that Tears of the Kingdom‘s plot may involve a time jump.

Source: Eurogamer

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