Little People, Big World: Matt Takes Weekend Trip During Amy’s Wedding

Matt Roloff went on a peaceful weekend getaway with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, the same weekend his ex and Little People, Big Worldco-star Amy Roloff got married. While this may seem like a snub, Amy and her now-husband, Chris Marek, decided not to invite Matt and Caryn just to ease any stress that would come with having an ex at a wedding. Amy and Chris debated whether or not to invite them but ultimately decided it would be better for everybody if Matt and Caryn didn’t attend. Fans of the long-running TLC show will know Matt and Chris have become friendly with each other; Chris was even open to inviting him at first, so there’s certainly no bad blood between them.


Amy and Chris got married on August 28 after having to delay the ceremony because of COVID-19. Even though Matt and Caryn didn’t make an appearance, all of Amy’s children and grandchildren were there for her big day. Amy’s daughters-in-law Tori and Audrey Roloff captured the wedding and took to Instagram to congratulate the happy couple. After Amy revealed her father might not be able to attend due to ongoing health concerns, fans will be happy to know Amy and Chris’ wedding was still full of her other family members.

Even if they weren’t at the big wedding, Matt and Caryn still enjoyed their weekend. The couple took a trip to the Oregon Coast to stay with some friends. Matt posted a video of a group of elk on his Instagram on August 29. “Dropped the keys to the farm in Chris’s hands last night,” Matt wrote in the caption, referring to Roloff Farms, where Amy and Chris got married. “Then after short 90 min drive…started having up close and personal wild life adventure on the Oregon coast.” Caryn also commented on the post, congratulating Amy and Chris. “Congrats to the newlyweds. And the elk were a fun bonus on our coast getaway,” Caryn said.

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Matt and Caryn have some big plans of their own underway. The couple is planning on going to Arizona together while staying committed to each other. Even though they aren’t married yet, they have joked about what their future holds, so the next big wedding fans of Little People, Big World could see might be between Matt and Caryn. They also stated that when they’re in Portland, they will continue to live separately but still see one another all the time.

While the long-running reality show has seen Amy and Matt together for most of its run, up until their 2016 divorce, it’s great to see both of them in relationships that make them happy. It’s also nice for fans of Little People, Big World to see both Amy, Matt and their new significant others being amicable with each other. Amy and Chris seem excited to be newlyweds, and maybe fans will even see Caryn walking down the aisle next.

Source: Matt Roloff/Instagram

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