Loot’s Nat Faxon Goes Full Throttle On New Disney Junior Show Firebuds

The newest vehicular comedy from Disney Branded Television, Firebuds, arrives on September 21 with a whole of celebrity guest stars dropping by in various episodes, and Screen Rant has a sneak peek of one. With its first episode premiering across Disney Chanel, Disney Junior, and Disney+, the series centers on a group of young first responders saving the day alongside their talking vehicle sidekicks. Nat Faxon, who won many hearts with his role as Arthur on Loot, will play Throttle in the segment titled “The Getaway Car That Got Away.”


In the vein of the beloved Disney Pixar Cars franchise, Firebuds takes place in a world where vehicles not only speak but also live and work right alongside the humans who drive them. Beyond reveling in the simple fascination of talking cars, however, Firebuds hopes to promote teamwork and inspire its young viewers to engage in community service as they grow up. At the heart of the story is Bo (Declan Whaley), a young boy who is happy to help others with his best friend, the fire engine named Flash (Terrence Little Gardenhigh).

Screen Rant is happy to present an exclusive clip from Firebuds, specifically the episodes titled “Treehouse Trouble/The Getaway Car That Got Away.” Getaway car Throttle (played by Faxon) is arguing with his thief partner about the fact that they got caught, only to be questioned innocently by young first responders Jayden and Violet. Though he refuses to converse with them politely, he is delighted to be freed from his restraints thanks to the little car Piston. Watch the full clip here:

While Disney Junior’s newest heroes always seek to do good, this clip proves that sometimes mistakes arise when one least expects them. To find out if the team can track down the getaway car they accidentally helped escape, audiences will have to tune in to Firebuds beginning on September 21.

In addition to Bo (who is both Filipino and Jewish), the series features a diverse cast that represents various communities throughout the US. Violet (voiced by Vivian Vencer) is a young Japanese American girl with two moms, while Jayden (JeCobi Swain) is African American. His sister Jazzy (Lolo Spencer) has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, which the team behind Firebuds sought to represent respectfully through a collaboration with the national nonprofit RespectAbility.

Firebuds premieres September 21, with a simulcast on Disney Channel and Disney Junior at 10:30 am ET. Faxon’s episode, “The Getaway Car That Got Away,” will be available that same day through On Demand platforms and Disney+ before premiering September 22 on television.

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