Lost Ark: Best Classes For New Players

The recently released MMORPG Lost Ark is Amazon Games’ latest success accruing millions of players within days of launch, though with 15 available subclasses to choose from some players may feel confused about where to start first. Lost Ark‘s class system is reminiscent of other MMOs, offering a host of five classes that each hold a unique role in combat and suit different playstyles. With eight available spell slots to use in-game, individual customization is encouraged to adapt the game to suit players’ preferences. As there are many classes and skills to choose from, it can be overwhelming to deduce which class is most beginner-friendly.


Lost Ark became Steam’s fourth-biggest game only a day after its launch in North America and Europe. The players have been drawn by Lost Ark‘s engaging story, adorable pets, succinct combat, and its free-to-play status. Originally developed by Smilegate and Tripod Studio, Lost Ark was released in 2019 in Korea exclusively. Now, Amazon Games has adapted the game for its western expansion and allowed millions of players to begin their journeys in the fantastical world of Arkesia.

Lost Ark offers five iconic classes to choose from, namely: Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunners, Mages, and Assassins. Each class has a variety of subclasses that further specialize the playstyle of the base class and make it easy to find something to fit players’ needs. With Lost Ark‘s huge streaming success on Twitch, new players may not know where to begin with this array of options. While each class can hold its own against a hoard of enemies, some can do it easier than others. Certain subclasses can focus on maximizing damage while keeping it simple with an easy skill rotation and tanky health bar. These simpler subclasses will allow new players to focus on learning the game without worrying about mastering character abilities, cooldowns, and combos.

Lost Ark’s Berserkers Are Beginner Friendly High-Damage Tanks

The Warrior class offers players the chance to play tanky characters with high damage outputs and relatively easy spells that are good at all points in the game. Specifically, Lost Ark‘s Beserkser subclass seems ideal for new players. Like a traditional Berserker, these armor-clad front-liners wield greatswords as their weapons, have huge AoE (area-of-effect) damage, and a big health bar, lending to a forgiving playstyle for new players.

However, the Berserker Identity Skill may present a slight drawback for beginners. The goal of Berserkers is to live in Burst Mode as much as possible, reached by building up the Fury meter whilst battling enemies and activating when full to increase movement speed, attack speed, and damage. The drawback comes with the Bloody Rush skill gained while in Burst Mode which deals monstrous damage in a large area, great for nuking mobs of enemies or bosses; if this ability is whiffed, a lot of damage can be missed out.

Artillerists Are Bruiser Gunners Ideal For New Lost Ark Players

While new players may be put off by the negative Steam reviews Lost Ark received following its release, it is worth noting that this unnecessary review-bombing was a result of initial frustration at launch due to queue issues that have since been resolved. New players may want to look at playing the Artillerist, a subclass of the Gunners class. While Gunners tend to be pretty hard to play as they tend to have low health and have gimmicky kits, the Artillerist presents an ideal subclass for beginners.

Artillerists carry a giant Gatling canon and are substantially tankier than the other Gunner subclasses, and offer a different playstyle as Berserker as they play from slightly further away. The Artillerist has easy-to-use spells that deal huge amounts of damage in Lost Ark, though the cast time can be a little slow. Learning the game to be able to predict boss movements will be useful with this class to ensure spells always hit.

Both Of Lost Ark’s Mage Subclasses Are Easy For New Players

The Mage subclasses are ideal for beginners that prefer caster playstyles. Lost Ark‘s Sorceress subclass is a ranged attacker that uses a staff and elemental spells to cast damage, with huge area of effects and crowd control abilities making for a relatively forgiving playstyle. Though Sorceresses have substantially lower health than other classes, they can attack from a distance and utilize HP potions to maintain vitality.

The other Mage subclass, Bard, fulfills a support role whilst also dealing substantial damage. New players that choose this role can remain comfortable in the fact that their character will always be useful and appreciated due to having abilities to buff and shield their allies during raids. Due to the squishiness of the Mage subclasses, it is advisable for new players to focus on learning raids and enemy mechanics in order to avoid taking damage and gain the knowledge to consistently hit crowd control spells.

Ambitious Players May Want To Try Lost Ark’s Shadowhunter Class

While the aforementioned classes may be best for Lost Ark newcomers, the Assassin roles offer a little more challenge, as well as flashy skills and huge damage outputs. Of the two Assassin classes, Shadowhunter is recommended for new players. These shapeshifting characters have a demonic theme and utilize duel-wielded bladed tonfas to attack their enemies. The Shadowhunter Identity Skill, Shadowburst Meter, uses attacks to charge up and unleash a demonic form, during which health is increased and players gain access to more powerful attacks. This inherent tankiness in the transformation playstyle lends and lack of charged skills lend to a relatively forgiving playstyle.

Class selection in Lost Ark boils down to the desired playstyle. Players seeking spell-casters should gravitate towards Mage, while those wanting a tankier melee character should go for a Warrior. The game’s excellent fantasy world goes a step further to add the steampunk-esque Gunner class, offering new Lost Ark players the chance to play a bruiser-type Artillerist. Each class offers unique abilities and allows players to play an essential role in battle no matter which class is selected, so new players should not be afraid to try out different classes to find what suits their preferred playstyle. The beginner area based in Prideholme is easy and offers a simple introduction to class mechanics, allowing for quick run-throughs to try out and level characters of different classes. As time is invested into Lost Ark, knowledge of raids, mechanics, and class specifications will allow for improved gameplay in any class.

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