LOTR: Rings Of Power Star Addresses Galadriel’s Arrogance In Episode 3

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power star Morfydd Clark addresses Galadriel’s arrogance in episode 3 and teases her character’s overall arc. Lady Galadriel was already one of the fantasy franchise’s most famous characters thanks to her portrayal by two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and TheHobbit trilogies. In Amazon’s Rings of Power, Clark plays Galadriel thousands of years prior during the Second Age of Middle-earth.


At the beginning of Rings of Power, the Dark Lord Morgoth is defeated, and Galadriel is on a quest to find Sauron after her brother, Finrod, dies during his search. After returning to the Elven capital Lindon and setting sail to Valinor where she can live in eternal peace, Galadriel jumps ship and is soon recused by the human Halbrand on the Sundering Seas. In episode 3, the two are picked up by Elendil and taken to the island kingdom known as Númenor. There, Galadriel is surprisingly arrogant when appearing before the Queen Regent Míriel, who denies her request for a ship back to Middle-earth.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Clark addressed Galadriel’s arrogance in episode 3, saying, “I’m quite interested in people not getting it right.” The Rings of Power star also teased how this relates to Galadriel’s evolution throughout the show, saying, “humility is going to be a big part of her arc.” Check out Clark’s full comments below:

I’m quite interested in people not getting it right. Humility is going to be a big part of her arc, I’d say, learning the limits of herself. The elves, there’s an arrogance to them, because they are in some ways superior, but ultimately they have to gain some perspective. And so it was seeing what mistakes even the wisest people could make that I focused on.

When Rings of Power begins, Galadriel is already centuries old, though she is still relatively young in terms of the character’s overall arc. She is notably not as wise, not at peace, and is often unable to control her temper. This is particularly evident when appearing before royalty as the only elf on Númenor, an island kingdom ruled by Men during a time when relations between the two sides are strained. It is clear Galadriel still has a long way to go before becoming the elegant elder stateswoman seen in Lord of the Rings.

According to Clark, humility will be the key to Galadriel’s character progression. With Rings of Power set to run for five seasons, many details regarding the character’s development are still unknown. However, Galadriel’s general arc is expected to take her from the rugged Elven warrior she is now to the beautiful, knowledgeable, and powerful Lady of Lothlórien audiences are more familiar with. Galadriel’s journey in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power continues with new episodes on Prime Video every Friday.

Source: THR

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