Love Is Blind: Kyle Admits He ‘Didn’t Expect’ Jarrette & Iyanna Split

Love Is Blind star Kyle Abrams reflected on the news of his cast mates’ divorces, which split he saw coming, and which surprised him. Kyle appeared on the second season of the hit dating show and was initially coupled up with Shaina Hurley. The two enjoyed a brief romance before Shaina’s head was turned by fellow contestant Shayne Jansen. Shaina attempted to pursue Shayne; however, he remained loyal to his then-partner, Natalie Lee. Kyle and Shaina attempted to get their relationship back on track, but she ultimately left him over differences in their lifestyles, particularly their contrasting religious beliefs.


After the show wrapped, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot Kyle and Deepti Vempati spending time together off-screen. Deepti had previously been coupled with the unofficial villain of the show, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee. Deepti left Shake at the altar after he repeatedly insisted he was not physically or sexually attracted to Deepti, which drew the ire of viewers and placed him squarely in the hot seat during the show’s reunion. Kyle and Deepti appeared to be together, having been spotted spending increasing time together; however, the two never confirmed any relationship.

Recently, the two couples who actually made it down the aisle, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones and Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, announced their divorces. In an interview with People, Kyle reflected on the news of his cast mates going their separate ways, noting, “One of them, I could tell, was a rocky road, but the other one I didn’t see coming.” The couple he was surprised to hear were over was Jarrette and Iyanna. Kyle explained that though he didn’t know the couple very well, “They seemed great together.”

The apparent lack of success of the show has led some fans to question if there should be a Love Is Blind season 3. Not only did Jarrette and Iyanna break up, but Danielle and Nick also went their separate ways. Kyle provided insight into their breakup, saying that although he hadn’t heard it from them, he knew “Nick and Danielle had ups and downs.” During the show, Nick and Danielle struggled to communicate with each other, and viewers watched them break into explosive fights on multiple occasions leading up to the wedding which led to tears and rifts between them.Kyle further explained that the divorces have led to a greater rift between the men and women of the cast, with “the guys and the girls have just split down the middle.”

With the two previously married couples announcing their divorces, there are now no Love Is Blind season 2 couples still standing. Although romantic relationships didn’t work out, many of the cast members remain friends and have spent time hanging out and having fun together. With the third season of Love Is Blind in the works, fans are hopeful to see more lasting relationships come out of the series.

Source: People

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