Love Island USA: Zeta Asks Fans To Respect Her & Timmy’s Privacy

Fans have loved watching the Love Island USA finalists nurture their relationships outside the villa, but Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi are hoping fans can understand their decision to be more private. During the season 4 finale, Zeta and Timmy were crowned the first place winners, and to no one’s surprise, they chose to split the $100,000 prize. The two coupled up with each other on day one at the villa, and it was obvious to many fans that they were the strongest couple on the show. They had their ups and downs, which included a love triangle with bombshell Bria Bryant. But in the end, Timmy knew his heart belonged to Zeta.


The winning couple received an extremely positive reaction from fans as they’d been cheering the two on all season long. Since the final results were fan-voted, no one was surprised to see the fan-favorite couple take the crown. Since the finale, fans have been keeping up with the couples as they fly around the country to see each other and showcase their romantic dates on social media. Runner-ups Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell have been showcasing their post-villa relationship all over TikTok and Instagram. Zeta and Timmy, on the other hand, have not.

Luckily, Zeta is letting fans know that all is well between her and Timmy, but the two have chosen to keep their relationship to themselves for now. Zeta took to her Instagram story to ask fans for some privacy and explain why she hasn’t been as public on social media as the other couples have been. “Timmy & I are very protective over our relationship,” Zeta wrote. “Loads of prayers & privacy go into sustaining a relationship of this magnitude & that’s just what we’re doing.” She then reassured fans that she and Timmy are very much in love, and they will eventually share content with their fans. But for now, they’re keeping it between themselves. Zeta also asked fans not to compare them to other couples, explaining that they’re building their relationship on their own terms.

Love Island USA Zeta Morrison IG Story

The third-place couple, Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray, have also been sharing social media content of their post-villa relationship with their followers, along with fifth-place couple Phoebe Siegel and Chad Robinson. Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian were set to compete in the finale but self-eliminated the day before. However, they’ve been hanging out since the finale, and Nadjha’s admitted they’re working through some of the issues they faced on at the show. There have also been some reunions for couples that didn’t make it to the end of the show, like Bella Barbaro and Joel Bierwert and Courtney Boerner and Bryce Fins.

Every relationship is different, and this is something that Zeta and Timmy have discussed several times. While on the show, Sydney and Isaiah had a very dramatic and passionate relationship. Zeta and Timmy credited this to their ages, Sydney is 22, and Isaiah is 21. Zeta and Timmy, on the other hand, are both 29. They also recognized that all the final couples are strong but in different ways. While some people love sharing their relationships on social media, it’s perfectly normal for a couple to want to keep their relationship to themselves. Hopefully, Love Island USA fans can understand this and give Zeta and Timmy the privacy they ask for.

Source: Zeta Morrison/Instagram

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