Married At First Sight: Alyssa’s Most Conniving Actions Ranked

Reflecting on Married at First Sight season 14, fans will surely remember Alyssa Ellman’s most manipulative behavior. The bride, whose MAFS journey was cut short, left many distasteful incidents behind her. In the 12 days that Alyssa was married to Chris Collette, she performed an astonishing number of off-putting maneuvers. Alyssa and Chris are the only couple in MAFS history to call it quits this early in the process. The couple had eight weeks until Decision Day, but ended their marriage in under two.

Alyssa and Chris started out in the same manner as the other four couples did, with nerves and expectations running high on the day they prepared to meet one another. Cameras followed each of the cast members as their bridesmaids and groomsmen helped them to get ready for the most important day in their lives. MAFS fans got their first glimpse of Alyssa’s personality when she revealed, during a wedding dress shopping outing with her friends, that she had bought ten wedding dresses, just in case she didn’t find something she liked.


The Wedding Night Surprise

Alyssa admitted on the show that “physical attraction is super important” but she also said that she believes attraction can grow. However, she did state that there has to be an initial spark. On her wedding night, she made it abundantly clear that she was not attracted to Chris. Her husband and MAFS fans were surprised when Alyssa refused to spend her first night with her brand-new spouse, opting instead for a separate hotel room. She gave no obvious reason, and simply said, “I feel uncomfortable at this moment from some things that were said to me.” The hours-old Married at First Sight bride wouldn’t divulge anything more, and she left Chris alone in their honeymoon suite with a lonely bed adorned with white roses and a bottle of champagne.

I’m A Good Person!

Throughout Alyssa’s short-lived time on the show, her infamous catchphrase “I am a good person!” became the Married at First Sight season 14 mantra. She refused to sit next to Chris on the plane ride from Boston, MA, to Puerto Rico, where they honeymooned. During the honeymoon, each time Chris initiated a conversation with Alyssa, she refused to engage with him. When castmates asked her if she was still interested in moving forward with Chris, she said, “I’m still here. If I wanted to leave, I would have.” The general consensus was that Alyssa stayed on MAFS knowing full well that she had no intention of staying married to Chris, but she was enjoying the free trip to Puerto Rico. If Alyssa was “a good person,” how come all fans saw was a disgruntled bride badmouthing a new spouse who seemed kind, patient, and willing to work at some semblance of a relationship with her?

Crocodile Tears

When the other MAFS season 14 couples were discussing moving into the appointed apartment in Boston when they returned home, Alyssa told Chris that he should stay for the first half and that she would stay for the second half, once again separating herself from him. Fans believe she was continuing to connive her way into reaping the benefits of staying on Married at First Sight while enjoying time with the other cast members. Her MAFS adversary Chris calmly explained that this is not what he had in mind when he married her. Then, upon returning to Boston, during their check-in with Pastor Cal, Chris announced that this would be his Decision Day, and his decision was to get a divorce. Alyssa cried over this, but fans believe that this was not due to their breakup but because she would have to relinquish all of the MAFS perks.

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