Marvel Confirms How Professor X is Completely Wasting the X-Men’s Powers

This article contains SPOILERS for Damage Control #1

For decades, Professor X has been a figure of guidance as he taught the X-Men to use their powers for battle, but there maybe a better use for their abilities than fighting.

Being a mutant in the Marvel Universe can be terrifying. There are countless stories of teens displaying crazy powers out of their control and the X-Men swooping in to save them from themselves or an angry mob determined to punish them for who they are. In these stories, Professor X is seen as a tutor who teaches these mutants to harness their abilities and eventually join the X-Men to do battle against mutants that want to harm society.


However, in Damage Control #1 by Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, and Will Robson, a completely different side of mutant abilities is shown. In this issue, an intern at the office of the corporation Damage Control is tasked with delivering the mail. He’s running behind, and so Nightcrawler helps him immensely by teleporting him around the building to deliver packages. Also, when he shreds an important document that needs to be delivered, Quicksilver uses his super speed to collect all the shredded pieces and put them together in no time.

This use of mutant abilities to perform mundane office tasks is perfect for the X-Men. They have such a wide range of unique abilities that employers would pay top dollar for in order to improve efficiency. Even if workers were bigoted against mutants, they wouldn’t be able to deny just how much smoother their office would run if superpowers were being utilized for everyday tasks that would lighten the load. The issue also shows tons of other mutants and other superheroes wandering around the office who could help out too, such as Forge working on IT issues and She-Hulk lifting heavy stuff in the warehouse.

A great example would be to have a mutant like Sunspot or Sunfire heat up a boiler to create heat and hot water instead of using gas or oil. That way, the energy savings could be put to use elsewhere. In addition, a psychic like Jean Grey could be used for intercompany communications instead of an intercom or switchboard. Utilizing a psychic in this way would free up so many company resources that could be allocated elsewhere. So instead of training his young students to be part of a fighting squad, Professor X should have been training his X-Men to enter the workforce instead.

Damage Control #1 is now available from Marvel Comics

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