Marvel Teases Ridiculous Hulk Sport From Invincible’s Co-Creator

Warning! Spoilers for Hulk #11 by Marvel Comics

In a new tease for the upcoming adventures of Marvel’s Hulk, the Jade Giant will star in a new story from Invincibleco-creator Ryan Ottley called “Godball.” In the first look at Hulk #11 from Marvel Comics, Ottley, the current artist on the series, will take over writing duties for the issue, as the Hulk seems to be throwing a giant boulder or ball in some sort of sports competition between Hulks.


Invincible co-creator and artist Ryan Ottley has brought his frenetic and action-packed style to the pages of the Hulk, as the current ongoing series alongside writer Donny Cates and Frank Martin has featured the hero transforms into Starship Hulk, as Bruce Banner controlled the monster like a pilot inside his psyche. However, after Hulk’s epic battle against Thor, Banner has disappeared, as the monstrous hero heads to space, where he’s about to crash-land on a planet filled with Hulks. Ottley is now teasing what comes after that arc, as he will be writing a story featuring Hulk playing “Godball” in a new tease for Hulk #11 by Marvel Comics.

On his Twitter account, current Hulk artist and Invincible co-creator Ryan Ottley shared what’s coming next for the Jade Giant in the pages of Marvel Comics. The tease for Hulk #11, which will be written, drawn, and inked by Ottley, as usual writer Donny Cates will be taking the issue off, features the gamma-powered hero lifting what appears to be a giant boulder or ball. Additionally, Ottley is teasing the issue as “Godball,” which seems to suggest the Hulk is participating in a mysterious competition.

Ryan Ottley’s Godball Could Be Connected To An Upcoming Hulk Arc

The upcoming issue by the Invincible co-creator is likely tied to the forthcoming “Hulk Planet” arc, which will see the hero crash-land on a planet filled with Hulks, where he will encounter Monolith, the queen of Hulks. Perhaps, Godball is the planet’s own competition where Hulks can prove their dominance in competitions of pure strength? But, no matter what Godball is, Hulk seems to be putting his power to the test in the upcoming issue.

Ottley’s work on the Hulk has been the best part about the series thus far, as his understanding of epic action, which he also nailed during Invincible, is top-notch. Seeing him write Hulk #11 alongside his usual art duties is exciting, as the “Godball” issue, which could see Hulk face off against other gamma monsters, should make for an exciting addition to the chaotic current series from Marvel Comics. Hulk#11’s release date hasn’t been officially revealed yet.

Source: Ryan Ottley – Twitter

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