Marvel: Top 5 Captain America Costumes (& 5 Best Tony Stark Looks)

When the MCU kickstarted back in 2008, it was thanks to Robert Downey jr.’s Tony Stark aka Iron Man that the superhero universe became such a huge hit. However, Iron Man wasn’t the only hero who played a significant part in the series. Captain America was another, and he often stood in direct contrast to the armored genius. Despite their conflicts, these two were friends nonetheless.

Since both Captain America and Iron Man spent a long time in the MCU, their armors, costumes, suits, simple clothes in general changed. Some of them looked better, some worse, but most of them had served their purpose at the time they were using them.

10 Captain America: The Ragged Look

After the Civil War breaks out between Avengers, Captain America and his team become fugitives. That’s also the case during the events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

And since Captain America is no longer the national symbol he once was, also his armor is different – more subdued in color. Steve also dons a rugged appearance, he has a beard and longer hair. All in all, this is another side of Captain America, not often seen in the MCU, which makes it even more interesting.

9 Tony Stark: The Civil War Armor

Speaking of the Civil War, Iron Man wore one of his best suits during the crisis. The suit was powerful and effective. It wasn’t as bulky as some of Tony Stark’s previous inventions since he had already significantly progressed in designing his suits by then.

But it also wasn’t as high-tech as some suits that appeared in the films later. That made Mark XLVI, as this armor’s called, even more believable.


8 Captain America: A Real Soldier

Captain America may have become a superhero in the end but what Steve Rogers always wanted was to be a soldier, to protect and serve his country. Even when he was still weak and ill.

So when Steve finally got the chance to get off the stage and go to actual combat, he wore the clothes on him with pride. True, they’re ragged and torn, but they still show Steve for who he really is – a fighter. Plus, the color combination somehow, miraculously, works.

7 Tony Stark: The Last Armor

The last suit Tony Stark has ever donned on in the MCU deserves to be on the list. The main reason is that it was not only effective in combat but it also helped him use the Infinity Stones and save everyone that way.

That was a downright heroic act, but without his armor, it’s doubtful whether Tony would survive long enough to get rid of Thanos and all those who fought alongside the Mad Titan.

6 Captain America: Avengers Assembled

Tony Stark wasn’t the only original Avenger who wore a memorable armor during Avengers: Endgame (2019), and the final showdown against Thanos.

So did Captain America. His suit was in many ways similar to the original one – but much more modern and less showy. The colors were more civil, and the letter A on both Captain’s helmet and his shoulder was a nice touch – since it proved that the Avengers were once more and Captain America was the hero who led them.

5 Tony Stark: The First Official Armor

From the first to the last – Tony Stark has created many Iron Man suits in the MCU. And some of them are more memorable than others. One of the suits that are hard to forget is Mark III.

It was the first suit that was truly practical in combat. It could fly, worked in high altitudes, and had a lot of weaponry available. What’s more, unlike Tony’s first suit, created in Afghanistan, this one had his typical red/gold color scheme – and it looked amazing.

4 Captain America: The Leader Suit

Captain America: Civil War (2016) saw a lot of heroes take a side in the conflict. So it’s only natural that some rocked amazing costumes – while others didn’t.

Captain America’s suit was spot on, though. It stood halfway between his more colorful suit in the first Avengers (2012) and between the darker clothes of the later movies. The star and stripes on his suit are well visible and accompanied by the shield, they show everything Captain America as a symbol stands for.

3 Tony Stark: Hulkbuster Armor

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) isn’t the most popular film of the entire MCU but it still featured its fair share of memorable scenes. One of them was the showdown between Hulk and Iron Man.

Stark’s normal armor wouldn’t have had the same effect, so he used Hulkbuster instead. And while this armor isn’t the most elegant of them all, and it must be a nightmare to store, it did serve its purpose – and helped Iron Man calm Hulk down, except with his fists.

2 Captain America: Soldier In A Suit

The truth is that Captain America is a handsome guy. Another truth is that many men look amazing in uniforms. Combine these two truths, and here’s the result.

Steve Rogers rocks the uniform like he was born to wear it. It’s no wonder that Peggy Carter fell in love with him. To be fair, she did so before he was tall and muscular. Nevertheless, Steve Rogers and a uniform are a combination that can’t seem to fail.

1 Tony Stark: A Genius In A Suit

As said above, many men look great in uniforms. But a lot of them also look amazing in suits. And Tony Stark was no exception to this rule, even before he became Iron Man.

His wealth allowed him to dress in a highly fashionable and stylish way. So that he looked elegant and flawless in public, no matter what he was doing at the moment. As far as Tony’s civil looks are concerned, this is one of the best – and the trademark sunglasses make it even better.

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