Marvelous Mrs Maisel: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst)

There are many different types of friendships on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, some good and some not so good. There are best friends, work friends, friends that don’t seem like they should be friends, and just bad friends. While everyone mostly focuses on Midge and Susie’s friendship, there are other friendships to take note of.

All of the characters on the series have had their ups and downs with their best pals. Friendships are what make Marvelous Mrs. Maisel the series fans love since this aspect of the show is something all fans can relate to as we’ve all had great friends and some less than great ones. Here are the 5 best and the 5 worst friendships on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

10 Best: Midge and Susie

Midge and Susie have crawled through the trenches together from the very beginning when Midge showed up at the Gaslight in her nightgown and Susie had to bail her out jail. The two have seen more setbacks and comebacks together than any other pair on the series.

Even though Midge and Susie don’t always see eye to eye, the two have each others’ back no matter what, like when Susie stood by Midge even after she got blacklisted by Sophie Lennon or when Midge was okay with Susie managing Sophie Lennon and even went to the opening night of Sophie’s play. There is no coming between this unstoppable duo.

9 Worst: Makeup Counter Girls and Midge

When Midge first started working at B. Altman it seemed like the makeup counter girls, Mary,Vivian, and Harriet would be Midge’s new best girlfriends. At first the makeup counter girls seemed to idolize Midge as she was the entertainment for their parties.

Unfortunately Midge has a knack for saying the wrong thing at just the wrong time which was proven when she told everyone at Mary’s wedding that it was in fact a shotgun wedding as Mary was pregnant. Even though Midge apologized, Mary wouldn’t forgive her and the other makeup counter girls sided with Mary. But at least Midge still has Susie.


8 Best: Archie and Joel

Archie and Joel are the bromance of the series, neither one of them even bothered to correct Shirley when she implied they were in a relationship. When their lives get rough they turn to each other for help. Joel has camped out at Archie’s in season one and then he returned the favor in season 3 when Archie had to stay with Joel.

What makes these two one of the greatest friendship pairs on the show is that they correct each other when they are wrong. When Archie slipped off his wedding ring in order to strike up a conversation, Joel called him out on it. Sometimes in friendships you have to be willing to stand up to your friend and go through the rough patches together which is exactly what these two do.

7 Worst: Imogene and Midge

Midge and Imogene are quite the unusual friendship pairing as they don’t seem to have too much in common and Midge rarely makes time for Imogene, even missing Imogene’s baby shower that she was supposed to host. While they are both still attempting to keep the friendship, their differences seem to become clearer.

Midge is like a different version of herself when she is around Imogene versus when she is with Susie. Midge doesn’t open up to Imogene like she does with Susie and often appears to be holding back what she really wants to say. However, it does seem like Imogene will be going through a shift in season 4. Maybe it’ll be enough to strengthen the friendship.

6 Best: Jackie and Susie

Fans have never seen Jackie and Susie hug each other let alone say one nice thing to the other one, but they do know they can count on each other which is what really matters. In season 3, episode 7 “Marvelous Radio” Jackie comes to Susie’s rescue along with the help of Chester.

Susie owes some people some money and when she is unable to cough up the $40, Jackie without questioning gets Susie the remaining $10. It might not be a lot of money, but it’s the fact that Jackie without hesitating helped Susie out without asking for anything in return. That’s what good friends do.

5 Worst: The Weissmans and the Maisels

Darn those pesky ties that bind. The Weissmans and the Maisels are linked together for life as they have shared grandchildren, but that doesn’t stop them from getting under each other’s skin.

While it was nice of the Maisels to let Abe and Rose move in with them when they had to leave their apartment in season 3, the Maisels seem to try their hardest to make sure it’s not a pleasant experience for the Weissmans. Shirley won’t even let poor Abe have his friends over and Moishe is constantly waking them up at 4:30 in the morning. Things were so awful the Weissmans had to flee to Florida.

4 Best: Lenny and Midge

Everyone loves a flirty friendship and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is no different. Lenny and Midge have a great friendship which allows them to keep their bond strong even when it’s been awhile since they last saw each other.

Each time the pair meet up, it’s as if no time has passed. Lenny and Midge are able to laugh and talk like old friends. The two are able to simply enjoy each other’s company by listening and sharing stories without any guilt or resentment towards the other. But will they become more than friends in season 4?

3 Worst: Reggie and Susie

Reggie and Susie did not start out as the best of friends. In fact it seemed as if they would argue the entire time while they were on tour. But as time went one it appeared they were becoming buddies as they both know what it’s like to manage an entertainer.

Reggie and Susie were able to talk to each other about the responsibilities of being managers and how much they believe in Midge and Shy. They were beginning to get along so well that Reggie even offered to pay what Susie had lost during a bet. But not all good things can last. The friendship didn’t ended when each one had to side with their respective artists after the Apollo Theater incident.

2 Best: Reggie and Shy Baldwin

What is Batman without Robin? Shy and Reggie are the inseparable long time friends whose trust and devotion to each other runs deeper than most. Reggie will go to any length to protect Shy and Shy would do anything to make Reggie proud of him.

Reggie has been there helping Shy succeed ever since the beginning of Shy’s career and even sacrificed his own career for him. The two have climbed the show business ladder together each one concerned more about the other than themselves. Shy and Reggie are basically the male version of Midge and Susie.

1 Worst: Shy Baldwin and Midge

At first it appeared to fans and Midge that her and Shy Baldwin would be become great friends while they were on tour together. Shy gave Midge an incredible opportunity and she was the only one who was willing to be around him while he was in a bad mood.

But things between the pair quickly went sour when Midge unknowingly outed Shy at the Apollo Theater. While Midge’s actions were obviously in the wrong, Shy should have given her a chance to explain herself but instead he hid in the plane and let Reggie handle it. Will the two be able to rekindle their friendship one day?

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