Marvel’s New Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant Is A Cosplayers Dream

Warning! Spoilers for Edge of Spider-Verse #3 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has officially debuted the newest Black Cat variant from across the Spider-Verse, as the hero and her costume is a gift for cosplayers. In a brand-new preview of Edge of Spider-Verse #3 by Marvel Comics, Night-Spider makes her comic book debut. The Black Cat variant will take part of the spotlight in the upcoming Spider-Verse adventure.

Marvel is currently releasing a new Edge of Spider-Verse series which is taking readers to new places across different realities. The original series (which ran between 2014-15) introduced a handful of Spider-Verse heroes, including Spider-Gwen and, Peni Parker and SP/dr, and played an essential role in the storyline and characters that would appear in the Academy Award-winning Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse animated film. Marvel’s new miniseries with the same title is introducing even more spider-variants from across the Spider-Verse, including Webweaver, a Kraven the Hunter spider-variant named Hunter-Spider, and up next, Night-Spider, a variant of Black Cat.


Marvel Comics shared a new preview for Edge of Spider-Verse #3 with a look at a handful of new stories, including “The Almost Perfect Crime” by Dan Slott, Sumeyye Kesgin, Brian Reber, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. In the preview, a new Black Cat variant called Night-Spider is watching a news report, as a “spider-thief” is called out for stealing precious relics. However, as she exits her apartment, the Black Cat variant isn’t impressed with the nickname, saying she should be referred to as “Night-Spider.” Check out the preview below which features additional looks at the other stories appearing in the comic book.

7 Images
Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant 1
Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant 2
Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant 3
Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant 4
Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant 5
Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant 6
Black Cat Spider-Verse Variant 7

The new Black Cat variant should become immediately popular for cosplayers, as two of the most popular cosplays in the con circuit are Spider-themed heroes and Black Cat herself. Night-Spider’s combination costume of Black Cat and Spider-Man should lead to many taking on her look, as it combines enough cool elements from the Spider-Verse to make something new. Until that happens, seeing Night-Spider in the comics should make for an entertaining story showing what happened if Black Cat was the spider-hero instead.

Considering the crazy character combinations and creations showcased from across the Spider-Verse thus far, seeing a version of Black Cat with spider powers isn’t shocking. Still, Night-Spider’s costume and still having the desire to be a thief should lead to a unique new character joining the roster of heroes from across the Spider-Verse. The Black Cat variant debuts in Edge of Spider-Verse #3 by Marvel Comics, which arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday.


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