Marvel’s Predator Is Getting Its Own Version of Ellen Ripley

Warning! Spoilers for Predator #4 by Marvel Comics

Marvel’s newPredator hunter is getting her own Ellen Ripley moment, as new art shows the hero striking a pose in a similar situation as the Alien hero. In the first look at Predator #4 by Marvel Comics, Theta, like Ellen Ripley taking on Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise, strikes a badass pose as she tries to take down the Predators responsible for killing her family.

Ellen Ripley is one of the most iconic protagonists in science-fiction, as her battles against Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise made her one of the most beloved pop-culture figures ever. While the Predator franchise recently introduced its own strong female protagonist with a similar fearless attitude as Ripley in the recent Prey film with Naru, Marvel Comics is taking a cue from Alien icon with its Predator hunter, Theta. In new cover art from Marvel Comics, Theta strikes a pose reminiscent of Ellen Ripley as she continues her quest to take down the two Predators who changed her life forever.


In a new look at the upcoming Predator #4 by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker from Marvel Comics, new cover art from Leinil Francis Yu shows Theta getting her own Ellen Ripley moment from the Alien franchise. The horrifying image features Theta in a tank top as she wields a massive gun inside a ship. As she seeks out the Predators, one of the monsters can be seen emerging from its invisibility cloak. The image feels like it could be ripped right from the Alien movies, as Theta’s look and taking on the creatures in close quarters is similar to Ripley’s battle against Xenomorphs.

Predator #4 cover art - Marvel Comics

The synopsis for Predator #4 teases danger is in store for Theta, as two Predators will corner her in the issue, as Marvel shares that it will “be life or death as Theta goes head-to-head in an all-out dogfight!” Theta will do her best to channel Ellen Ripley from the Alien films and pull off the impossible. However, given Theta’s history of hunting Predators, she has a good chance of coming out of the encounter alive.

Theta joins Naru from the recent Prey film as new heroes in the Predator franchise, similar to Ellen Ripley, who was victorious against deadly creatures despite seemingly impossible odds. Of course, taking on two Predators at once will be a challenge for Theta. But, if she channels Ellen Ripley from Alien,like in the cover art, Theta could finally get the revenge she seeks, assuming the two Predators she faces are the ones who killed her parents. Predators #4 by Marvel Comics is in stores on November 2nd, 2022.

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