MBTI: Romantic Movie Characters Who Represent ESFJ Traits

ESFJs are wonderful individuals who make for some of the most loving romantic partners imaginable. This personality type fixates on finding the perfect person who will complete them. When it comes to love and romance, the ESFJs are all-consuming and they will drop everything in order to please the ones who matter most to them.

Because people with this Myers Briggs personality type are so skilled when it comes to love and relationships, there are tons of fantastic characters in romantic movies who embody the ESFJ persona. Known for their caring demeanors, they make for lovable leading characters who have the best social skills of all. With that being said, here are 10 romantic movie leads who represent the most common traits from the ESFJ!

10 Jane – 27 Dresses

Jane from 27 Dresses is a classic example of an ESFJ persona. For this traditional and emotional MBTI, they are very drawn to romance, and marriage is a big deal for the majority of people with this personality type. Jane is constantly thinking about marriage because her whole career revolves around the subject!

As a wedding planner (which is the perfect job for anyone with this Myers Briggs personality type) Jane is constantly surrounded by happy couples. She’s always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Jane spends her whole life taking care of other people, yet in the process, she completely forgets to take care of herself. It doesn’t get much more ESFJ than that.

9 Sam – Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Sam from Perks of Being a Wallflower is a great example of an ESFJ character, as seen in both the novel and the film portrayed by Emma Watson. Sam is very sociable and people-oriented, and she feels most comfortable when she’s surrounded by others. One of her greatest strengths as an ESFJ is that she’s able to make other people feel at home and comfortable even if they’re on the shy side.

Charlie is a wallflower, yet Sam is able to help bring him out of his shell due to her warm and outgoing personality. She is also someone who is looking for love in any place she can find it. This can sometimes lead to her putting her trust in the wrong hands, yet luckily Charlie is able to help her see her worth so she can be more self-sufficient.


8 Jerry Maguire – Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is a bit of a rockstar throughout his company and that’s because he’s pretty much the king of social intelligence. He knows just how to make people feel good about themselves and his whole job revolves around lifting people up and taking care of them. No one knows how to take care of others more-so than the ESFJ, otherwise known as the “caregiver” personality type.

It’s just what they’re naturally best at! Jerry wants to see a brighter future for the company that is more personal and genuine throughout. Classic ESFJ mentality.

7 Kathy Selden – Singing In The Rain

Kathy Selden from Singing in the Rain is most definitely an ESFJ personality type. Her character is poised, feminine, and sociable. She isn’t afraid to tell people exactly how she’s feeling and she’s able to help others bring their own emotions to the table. Kathy is also quite practical and intelligent, which her friends and love interests are naturally drawn to.

Debbie Reynolds herself is often typed as an ESFJ so it’s no wonder she is able to naturally represent her character in such an effortless fashion.

6 Giselle – Enchanted

Giselle from Enchanted is without hesitation a “caregiver” personality type. She is giving, traditional, and respectful when it comes to all the people around her. Like a classic Disney princess, Giselle’s main concern revolves around finding the perfect dream man to come and sweep her off her feet.

Namely, Prince Charming. ESFJs often seek that perfect person to complete them, and their deep desire to find true love can sometimes stand in the way of logical thinking. Yet as the movie goes on, Giselle is able to find an inner strength that proves she doesn’t need a “prince charming” in order to be happy.

5 Danielle – Ever After

Based on Cinderella who is most definitely an “SFJ” type, Ever After tells the story of Danielle, a slave girl who is forced to live under the strict living conditions of her evil stepmother.

Despite the unfair treatment she must face on a daily basis, Danielle is still polite, warm, and grateful for the life she’s given. She sees everyone as equal regardless of their status throughout the kingdom.

4 Jenna – 13 Going On 30

Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30 is undoubtedly an ESFJ character in this quirky rom-com. During her teenage years, we see how preoccupied she is with social status and she wants more than anything to be a part of the “six chicks” aka the most popular girls in school. Her social life is at the forefront of her mind throughout the entire film and this is very common for ESFJs who dedicate their existence to their friends and family.

This is why they are usually the most popular individuals out of all the personality types because of how deeply people-oriented they are. Yet Jenna uses her popularity for the greater good and she inspires everyone at her company by organizing an authentic, inclusive portrait of who should be represented in their magazine. Healthy ESFJs are all about inclusivity so we’re pretty positive Jenna is this type.

3 Mia Thermopolis – The Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis is another great example of a “caregiver” personality type. Although she is a bit of a loner in the first movie, she desperately wants to fit in at school and be seen as a “somebody.” Mia fantasizes about what life would be like amongst the popular crowd, and she is constantly daydreaming about kissing the most popular boy at school.

She says that she feels invisible, and this is one of her greatest insecurities as an ESFJ who needs to be surrounded by people in order to feel stimulated. As she gets older though and matures as a person, she realizes who really matters in her life and it’s not the popular crowd. It’s the people who always had her back throughout.

2 Allie Hamilton – The Notebook

Allie Hamilton is a character who embodies tons of traits from the ESFJ personality type. Her character is loving, polite, and benevolent to all those around her. She is a traditional woman who desperately wants to please all those around her, which is a very common trait for the ESFJ persona.

She often will fail to put her own happiness first and instead, she’ll place the satisfaction of others before her own. This is why Noah asks her “what do you want?” with so much passion and vigor because ESFJs often don’t fully know what they want since they are so busy trying to make other people happy.

1 Helen – Bridesmaids

And lastly, we have Helen from Bridesmaids who is most definitely an ESFJ. Like most people with this personality type, Helen is a social butterfly who seems to know everyone throughout the film.

As is one of the more negative traits for this personality type, they tend to care a great deal about what other people think about them, which is why Helen tends to present herself as a perfect woman with a perfect life. This desperate need Helen has to present herself in the perfect light sometimes prevents her from creating close relationships with others as we can see with her relationship with Annie. Yet at the end of the film, she learns it’s okay to be authentic and vulnerable. In fact, it’s preferred.

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