MBTI®: Romantic Movie Characters Who Represent ESFP Traits

ESFPs are natural romantics. These “entertainer” personality types are known for their outgoing personas and their need for the spotlight. It isn’t difficult for the ESFP to be the most sought after person in the room due to their colorful demeanors and their zestful approach to life. People with this MBTI® are the kings and queens of charisma and it’s hard not to fall for these extroverted feelers.

There are several great leading characters in romance films who possess the ESFP personality type, known for their extroversion, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. Ever wonder which of your favorite romantic movie characters share your personality type? If so, keep reading to find out! Here are ten romantic movie leads who embody ESFP traits.

10 Jack – The Titanic

Jack from The Titanic is just what Rose needs during the cruise trip she attends with her stuffy family. Although to Rose, it doesn’t feel all that much like a vacation. Rose feels trapped by the confinements of her conservative upper-class lifestlye, and Jack’s spunky personality is just what she needs to loosen her up.

Jack is fun, adventurous, and free-spirited. He spends every day of his life as if it’s his last and this is the classic mentality of the ESFP personality type. Life is a gift, as he states, and he intends to savor every second of it. For ESFPs, they care more about finding happiness than how they are perceived by others. So what if he’s dirt-poor? He’s having a whole lot more fun than Rose’s clan, now that’s for certain.

9 Cher – Clueless

Cher from Clueless may give off ditsy rich-girl vibes at the start of the film, yet as we get to know more about her character as well as her personality, we realize she is actually very witty as well as incredibly kind. People are sometimes quick to label ESFPs as empty-headed because they are the life of the party, so it seems as though their priorities are solely based on their social lives.

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This is usually far from the truth, and ESFPs are often very bright. Like most ESFPs, Cher is inclusive with everyone and she wants all the people around her to feel comfortable and welcome. Cher is a great example of an ESFP in a romantic film, and Josh falls deeply in love with her charismatic, bubbly persona that this type naturally possesses.


8 Daisy Buchannon – The Great Gatsby

Daisy from The Great Gatsby is the ultimate socialite and she has dozens of friends all around the world. People adore her company because she has a way of making everyone around her feel important. This is typical of the ESFP personality type who excels with their social skills like no one else can.

Daisy falls for the glitz and glam brought on by Jay Gatsby’s luxurious lifestyle, and the ESFP personality type otherwise known as the “entertainer” has a habit of being a bit on the materialistic side. This is why she cries when she is surrounded by “such beautiful shirts.”

7 Holly Golightly – Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly is a character who embodies a ton of ESFP personality traits. Her character has gone down in history for a good reason and that’s because she is such a natural entertainer!

Her charisma is off the charts and her adventurous soul keeps us mesmerized decades after the film has been released to the public. Holly is fashionable, wild-hearted, free-spirited, warm, and unpredictable. This the ESFP persona to a T.

6 Peter Kavinsky – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Peter Kavinsky from TATBILB may seem at first glance like your average high school jock yet we soon find out that he is so much more than that. Originally Lara Jean assumes he’s the kind of guy who is solely concerned about girls, sports, and popularity, yet once he is able to open up to her she realizes he is one of the most benevolent, thoughtful individuals she’s ever met.

Peter knows how to get others to open up, and it’s because of his outgoing personality that he’s able to help Lara Jean come out of her shell once and for all. What more could she possibly ask for?

5 Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde is the ultimate ESFP character. People underestimate her simply due to the fact that she’s bubbly and wears stylish outfits. Yet just because she’s a valley girl who knows how to have a good time doesn’t mean she’s any less intelligent than the people around her at Harvard Law.

It is a glorious moment when Elle proves everybody wrong by winning her case and going on to become Valvectorian, and thankfully she had Emmett by her side the entire time to support her. Emmett was wise enough to see the real Elle, and their relationship was an inspiration to us all.

4 Princess Ann – Roman Holiday

Princess Ann from Roman Holiday is one of the greatest characters in cinema history, and she is most definitely an ESFP. In fact, Audrey Hepburn has stated herself that Princess Ann was her favorite role that she’s ever played. What makes her an ESFP is the fact that she’s incredibly spontaneous, outgoing, and full of life.

She struggles with the restraints of being a princess and she has an extremely difficult time following a routine that’s brought on by her royal status. So instead of going through another boring day of being prim and proper, Ann decides to spend an entire day in Rome by herself, prepared to go on the next great adventure.

3 Danny Zucko – Grease

Danny Zucko seems to embody the ESFP personality type considering he is fun, charming, social, and the life of the party. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who likes to go with the flow and he is extremely flexible when it comes to his relationships.

Despite the fact that he’s supposed to be with a girl who’s more in-line with his social status as a T-Bird, he falls for Sandy aka the goody-two-shoes new girl in school. He doesn’t abide by social norms and people ultimately respect him for this in the long run.

2 Jacob Black – Twilight

Jacob Black from Twilight is most likely an “entertainer” personality type. If the ESFP persona was to be categorized as an animal, it would most definitely be a dog because of their easygoing, cheerful personas. Fittingly, Jacob Black turns into a dog whenever there’s a full moon. Do all ESFPs turn into dogs when there’s a full moon?

Now that’s something to ponder upon. His carefree personality is like one big sigh of relief in comparison to Edward Cullen’s stoic persona and we honestly think Bella had a lot more fun hanging with Jacob. Can we blame her? It’s hard to be bored when there’s an ESFP around.

1 Jack – Brokeback Mountain

And finally, Jack from Brokeback Mountain could easily be typed as an ESFP. While Ennis is stoic and keeps his feelings bottled up inside, Jack is loud, outgoing, and the life of the party. He fits perfectly into the entertainer category because he himself is an entertainer.

He performs in front of thousands during his rodeo shows and he’s always wearing flashy clothes that show off his bright personality. His fun persona is good for Ennis and he helps him loosen up so he can live a little.

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