MCU: 10 Questions About Thanos’ Powers, Answered

Thanos has been hailed as one of the greatest movie villains of all time. He is also one of five antagonists to appear in more than one movie in the MCU. The character first appeared in the comic Iron Man #55 which was released in February, 1973.

And just like in the MCU, he was killed off in the comic Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 5 #6 which was released on August 2019. But the legacy of Thanos lives on. He might possibly appear again in future. But now that the Mad Titan’s story is exhausted, here are answers to questions fans might still have about the powers of the MCU’s Thanos.

10 How Fast Can Thanos Move?

Despite having a gigantic physique, Thanos possesses superhuman speed. His speed is proven when he manages to outrace Tony Stark to the Nano Gauntlet despite Stark being much closer to it. As a result, Stark is forced to tackle him instead.

In addition to that, he is able to prevent Thor from getting to the Gauntlet yet he had been pushed far back just minutes before. He is also able to react fast enough to block a couple of coordinated attacks from Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.

9 Does Thanos Get Tired?

The Mad Titan’s body does not produce fatigue toxins during intense physical activity. He is thus able to perform at peak capacity for a number of days. While trying to get all the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos fights off the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in a number of lengthy battles without showing any signs of fatigue.

And during the “Battle of Earth”, the villain manages to fight off Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and all his enemies without getting tired. He could have kept going, had he not been stopped by Iron Man’s snap.


8 Does His Armor Add To His Powers?

Thanos has mostly worn his armor during his quest to conquer planets and erase half of the universe. He stops wearing it right after acquiring the Space Stone. He is later seen using it as a makeshift scarecrow near his house at The Garden.

Even though the armor is able to withstand Hulk’s blows, Scarlet Witch is able to use her powers to damage it. The armor was also destroyed by the Infinity Stones, so it’s safe to conclude that there is nothing superior about it.

7 Where Did He Get His Powers From?

Thanos was fathered by a Titan man named A’Lars. His mother is an unnamed Titan woman. As a Titan, A’Lars possessed the same powers of Thanos. Most Titans are reported to have had the same powers as Thanos before they became extinct. So, it’s basically a species thing.

The identity of his father was revealed when Red Skull greeted hi as “The son of A’Lars” in Infinity War. This happened when Thanos was searching for the Soul Stone in Planet Vomir with Gamora. In the comics, A’Lars was a scientist who resided on Titan.

6 How Much Weight Can Thanos Lift?

In the MCU, Thanos has proven to have insane levels of superhuman strength. He easily crushed the Tessaract. He has easily overpowered most members of the Avengers during one-on-one or group fights, even though Captain Marvel managed to get the better of him.

But how much weight can Thanos lift? The answer isn’t given in the MCU but the New York Times published research by a scientist who did the math and came up with answers. According to the scientist named Steven Cranford, Thanos can lift 120 million pounds,

5 How Well Does He Heal?

On a few occasions, Thanos has managed to heal quickly, recovering from wounds and blood loss. For example, when he arrives on Earth, all the wounds that were inflicted on him by Tony Stark cannot be seen, meaning he has healed.

And when he wipes off half of the universe using the completed Infinity Gauntlet then sits down to relax and admire the sunset, he appears to have recovered from Thor’s attack. Thor had used the Stormbreaker to gut the villain’s chest open. However, after he destroys the Infinity Stones, his body remains half-burned for a while. His arm is also shriveled. He is seen in this state when the Avengers ambush him at his farm.

4 Does He Feel Pain?

Thanos has little to none pain receptors in his body. He catches knife slashes from Drax and sword slashes from Doctor Strange without even flinching. He also gets up and continues fighting without even a grown when a pillar is dropped on him.

Not to forget that he has a nasty collision with a Necrocraft at top speed and again, not even slight wincing. Lightning strikes from the Stormbreaker were nothing to him. And when Thor cut off the hand that had the Gauntlet, it was still like an insect bite to him

3 Does He Need To Eat To Maintain His Energy Levels?

Logically, someone like Thanos shouldn’t need food to survive. Plenty of superheroes and supervillains are known to not eat at all. However, Thanos does indeed eat. And he can cook too.

Just before Captain Marvel appears at the Garden and holds him in a headlock in the opening stages of Avengers: Endgame, Thanos can be seen making stew from his crops. At that moment, he has let his guard down. He is clearly looking forward to a good meal but the Avengers spoil the party. They should have at least let him enjoy his last supper.

2 Can He Recall His Sword?

Thanos’ double-edged is mostly used by him during his days as a conqueror. The sword is able to block strikes from the Stormbreaker and the Mjølnir quite easily. It is also able to cut through Vibranium.

It destroyed Captain America’s shield after striking it repeatedly. And despite the fact that it looks heavy, he can throw it and get it back easily. But can he recall it? Not really. Even though he was able to be seen with it right shortly after he threw it, he is just able to Boomerang it the same way Cap can.

1 Can Thanos Fly?

Thanos cannot fly. He can only jump to very high heights. This was demonstrated on a number of occasions, like when he tossed himself into the air to dodge Doctor Strange’s rays.

However, in the comics, Thanos has demonstrated the ability to fly on a few occasions. He flew unassisted in a battle against Star-Lord in the comic issue Guardians Of The Galaxy #4. Before that, he was seen using the Space Throne to fly.

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