MCU Characters & Their WWE Counterparts

The worlds of the MCU and WWE might not seem similar at all, but in actual fact, they have a lot in common. Both of them provide an audience with heroes and villains to love and loathe as well as larger-than-life characters who have their own distinct quirks and personalities.

While those within the Marvel world might not be hitting body slams or jumping off the top rope, the fight scenes, and the lycra costumes would mean that wrestlers wouldn’t feel out of place in that world. But if WWE Superstars were put down the championships and take aim at Thanos, which characters would they be?

10 Iron Man – Randy Orton

Iron Man is one of the original MCU characters, much like Randy Orton is one of the longstanding members of the WWE roster. Iron Man can be a very arrogant character at points, always wanting to do things his way, which is certainly the case with Randy Orton.

Orton is one of the smartest WWE Superstars, with a big part of his character being about how he breaks things down, takes his time, and strikes when the opportunity is best. With Iron Man also being one the most intelligent MCU members, they’d make great counterparts.

9 Hulk – Braun Strowman

Hulk is one of the most exciting characters within the MCU, bringing a great blend of intelligence and brute strength, which is why Braun Strowman would be his ideal counterpart from WWE. Strowman is known as the Monster Amongst Men in WWE, and he is a dominant in-ring presence.

Strength and power are what make him stand out amongst the rest of the wrestlers. However, he’s not like former giants in WWE’s past who are just about wrecking things. Braun does show intelligence, which makes him similar to Hulk.


8 Spider-Man – Dominik Mysterio

The thing that sets Spider-Man apart from the rest of his Marvel counterparts is his age. He brings a lot of youth to the movies and the energy that he provides makes him a lot of fun. He always has an answer for everyone, and he’s not afraid of fighting anybody, no matter the odds.

While WWE obviously doesn’t have incredibly young teenagers in the ring, purely from a safety perspective, Dominik Mysterio is one of the youngest stars on the roster. As the son of Rey Mysterio, he has the same respect storyline that Spider-Man has with Tony Stark. Plus, much like the web-slinger, Dominik is very agile and his high-flying in-ring style is similar to how Spider-Man fights.

7 Captain Marvel – Charlotte Flair

Captain Marvel is one of the later additions into the MCU, but she has quickly made her presence known. She is one of the most powerful characters within the entire MCU, being very dominant in every movie she’s appeared in, taking the fight to everybody.

That is exactly the same for Charlotte Flair, known as the Queen in WWE. She’s been the top star in WWE’s women’s division since she joined the company, winning countless titles throughout her career. Plus, she is confident enough to stand up to everybody which is what makes her such a strong presence, similar to Captain Marvel.

6 Black Panther – Kofi Kingston

Black Panther is a wise character and a true leader which is how Kofi Kingston is seen in WWE, as one of the veterans in the current locker room. Both men are agile, which makes their fight scenes and wrestling matches tons of fun to watch, as they’re both so unpredictable.

Both men like to look after those closest to him, with Kofi fighting for his New Day members, while Black Panther will do everything for those living in Wakanda. But while they can both be serious, they’re also two men who like to have a lot of fun, which is one of the main reasons each of them has become so popular.

5 Vision – Daniel Bryan

Vision is all about intelligence, and that is where Daniel Bryan works well as his counterpart because he is a very smart wrestler. He is always looking to help others and the planet, which aligns well with Vision’s need to help the rest of The Avengers.

Vision is one of the most powerful characters in the MCU, and while Bryan isn’t all about strength, he is one of the best wrestlers in the company. Much like Vision, he’s very precise with his strikes and has no problem flying high from the top rope, which makes the two very similar.

4 Star-Lord – MVP

While Star-Lord and MVP can certainly look after themselves in a fight, their biggest power is the gift of the gab. They both talk a lot, with Star-Lord often talking himself both in and out of trouble, while MVP just so happens to be one of the best promos in WWE right now.

Each man leads a group, and they both believe themselves to be the leaders despite the fact there are more effective members in their ranks. However, each of them is well respected within their separate worlds, so they do make great counterparts.

3 Thor – Big E

One of the greatest aspects of Thor’s character is his humor. While a lot of it is unintentional, as he simply says and does things that don’t fit or work in the human world, it does lead to some of the MCU’s most hilarious moments. This is something that Big E is also notorious for, being one of the funniest wrestlers in WWE, who will push the PG boundaries of the company.

Thor and Big E are also both true powerhouses, which is another reason they’d be great counterparts. Each man is incredibly strong, charismatic, and dedicated, making them both the ideal fan favorites.

2 Black Widow – Sasha Banks

Black Widow has been one of the most important characters within the MCU to this point. She’s intelligent, funny, and very athletic which is showcased within her fight scenes throughout the movies. Her counterpart from WWE would be Sasha Banks, who is one of the most charismatic wrestlers on the current roster.

Much like Black Widow, Sasha Banks has no problem standing up to anyone, including some of the male wrestlers. Sasha is also very intelligent and has no shortage of confidence, which is also the case for Black Widow. Her athleticism is always on display, even in her scenes from The Mandalorian.

1 Captain America – John Cena

John Cena would be the counterpart to Captain America, with these two men being born leaders and role models for everyone. Captain America likes to do everything by the book where he can, and Cena is exactly the same in the ring, being the top babyface that doesn’t typically break rules and carries the company on his back.

Both men push the red, white, and blue and rely upon their strength as their major advantage. While some wrestlers and Marvel stars can flip around and work at speed, these two men are the classic staples with their fighting styles.

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