Meet The New Below Deck Adventure’s Captain Kerry Titheradge

Every Below Deck franchise has a captain that makes the yacht their own, and Kerry Titheradge from Below Deck Adventure is no exception. The newest nautical franchise is set to premiere in the fall, with a much colder locale. Viewers are getting excited to meet the new crew of the motor yacht, Mercury.

As Below Deck fans are aware, the franchise is known for its steamy hookups, galley fights, and awful charter guests. The original series premiered back in 2013, and instantly became a reality contender, on a par with TheReal Housewives. Thanks to the teaser from the newly-released trailer, fans are already getting an idea of who will be working on the boat. Throughout the franchise’s long run, viewers have seen crews visit the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Australia. However, some fans believe that the fjords of Norway were the most spectacular setting. While fans may debate the backdrops, all enjoy vicariously traversing the globe through the OG show and spinoffs.


Like every captain from Below Deck and its spinoffs, Captain Kerry has a plethora of experience behind the wheel. According to his Bravo bio, Captain Kerry has been working on yachts for over 30 years. When he is off duty, the nautical professional enjoys spending time in Palm Beach Garden, FL, where he hangs out with his two children. The new captain is not afraid to lay down the law, especially if the crew is rude and disobedient. Viewers are hoping that Captain Kerry rates as highly as the other captains in the franchise.

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Captain Kerry hails from Australia, and he is a well-traveled person. He has sailed the waters of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Pacific Northwest. The rest of the Below Deck Adventure trailer showed the captain being hands-on with his crew. However, he doesn’t micromanage like Captain Sandy Yawn. Based on the teaser clip, Kerry is looking forward to teaching the younger generations how to sail properly, as they also enjoy an amazing experience.

While new to the Bravo world, Captain Kerry already met a fellow celebrity, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member, Heather Gay. The housewife was one of many charter guests who boarded Mercury, but fans are ready to see the crossover air. Thankfully, with Captain Kerry at the helm, Heather didn’t need to worry. She was able to enjoy her vacation with the newest captain, sharing that he was a delight to be around. Below Deck Adventure fans can tune in to the show to find out more interesting facts about Kerry and the rest of his Norwegian-based team.

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