Michael Might Not Be Laurie’s Only Threat In Halloween Ends, Teases Star

Jamie Lee Curtis hints at Laurie becoming concerned about a different character who enters her life in Halloween Ends, not Michael Myers. The finale of David Gordon Green’s contemporary Halloween trilogy finds Haddonfield recovering from Michael’s 2018 rampage, set four years after Halloween Kills. After the deaths of several survivors from the original 1978 Halloween night massacre, a slew of other innocents, and Laurie Strode’s daughter Karen, Laurie and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) are the most prominent living reminders of Michael’s fury.


With such a massive timeskip, however, Laurie and her relative naturally go through changes. The cast and crew of Halloween Ends have teased that Laurie will have moved on from the traumatic events of Halloween night in 2018. On the other hand, Allyson still feels the sting of her mother’s untimely death and will likely harbor a personal vendetta against Michael for taking Karen’s life. Contrary to the transparent evolutions of both leads, however, audiences will have no idea where Michael went, making his eventual return all the more shocking.

In a new interview with Curtis posted on the BD Horror Channel YouTube page, the actress teases how Michael’s mysterious absence affects her character’s mental state. She reiterates that Laurie has moved on from her experiences in Halloween and the 2021 sequel, which makes her impending brawl with Michael violent and unexpected. The killer’s surprise return is particularly blindsiding because Laurie’s attention turns to a different character that comes into her life. Check out the full quote below:

“This movie… this other character comes in that she’s concerned about, but she’s not thinking about Michael. And then Michael comes back. And so the fight was an unexpected fight.”

Unfortunately, Curtis does not let on more than the vague hint that another character causes Laurie’s priorities to shift. Whether the person is a new threat or a concern for different reasons is also unclear since Allyson’s trauma could be the thing with which Laurie becomes involved. Green has teased that Laurie and Michael’s confrontation will be intimate, and his first two films have proven that Laurie has become especially attached to her family. If Laurie’s newfound concern is for her granddaughter, that could create a more emotionally-charged and intimate atmosphere for the “final reckoning,” as Curtis puts it.

Of course, Michael hasn’t been the only antagonist throughout Green’s Halloween series. The 2018 reboot revealed Dr. Sartain as a villain in an unforeseen twist, so the precedent exists for a new adversary to complicate things for Laurie again. However, despite the identity of this concerning character, Curtis ensures that the focus for Halloween Ends is on Laurie and Michael’s final battle. Previous trailers and clips have displayed how unprepared Laurie is, engaging in a scrappy kitchen fight with Michael, proving that Halloween Ends will revisit the sudden suburban terror of the slasher movie that started it all.

Source: BD Horror Channel

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