Morgan Edge Can Become Superman’s New Jor-El In Season 2


Despite all the evil things he did in Superman & Lois, Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) can be Superman’s Jor-El replacement in season 2. Jor-El, the AI counterpart of Superman’s Kryptonian father, is traditionally portrayed as Clark’s guide in the Fortress of Solitude, who provides guidance on all things related to his home planet. However, Superman & Lois shook up the status quo by removing him from the equation, seemingly for good.

Played by Angus Macfayden, Jor-El acted as counsel to Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) in the beginning of Superman & Lois, just as the character has always done in Superman stories. Even though the Arrowverse’s Clark is much older than usual, he was still able to find value in Jor-El’s advice, particularly in regards to Jordan’s powers. Unfortunately, Jor-El’s role in Clark’s life came to an end in episode 11 when Morgan Edge destroyed the sunstone that housed his AI hologram. It took a while, but the Kent family finally took some time to pay tribute to Jor-El by giving him a proper funeral and burying his sunstone crystal in the Superman & Lois season 1 finale.


Superman & Lois moving on from Jor-El is sure to bring challenges for Clark, who has a limited amount of knowledge about alien threats and Kryptonian culture. Though he’s naturally learned a lot over the years, his familiarity with such things pales in comparison to Jor-El’s. It’s partially for this reason that Jor-El’s absence from his life will be deeply felt the next time an alien menace attacks Earth. Unable to contact his father, Clark may begrudgingly turn to Morgan Edge, who is confirmed to have survived the sacrifice he made to become the Arrowverse’s Eradicator.

What happened to Edge after losing to Superman and John Henry Irons (Wolé Parks) wasn’t shown on-screen, but it can be assumed that he’s currently being held in a secure facility by either ARGUS or the military. Either way, it’s likely that if Superman ever does want to speak with him, he’ll have that opportunity. As for whether or not Edge will be willing to cooperate, that remains to be seen. He could refuse of course, but the finale hinted that he would agree to help Clark. After his defeat, Morgan told Clark that all he wanted was “a family”. He may always resent Clark for choosing Earth and the Kents over him, but a desire to belong could eventually send him down a different path. Plus, getting regular visits from his brother could help him avoid loneliness.

If Morgan Edge chooses to help Superman, that could be his role in the series going forward. Edge may never be classified as a mentor in the same way that Jor-El was, but he can still serve as a source of information — especially after his experience as the Eradicator, in which he housed the many spirits of deceased Kryptonians. Furthermore, through his training with Zeta-Rho and the time he spent on Krypton in his youth, he could have acquired a great deal of first-hand knowledge that may prove useful to Clark when Superman & Lois returns.

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