Netflix’s YOU Showrunner Teases Season 3 Will Be Bonkers

YOUshowrunner Sera Gamble teases the show’s season 3 will be bonkers, Based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel of the same name, YOU flew relatively under the radar until it moved from the Lifetime television network to Netflix. The romantic thriller, which focuses on the twisted Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as he searches for a lasting relationship, experienced a surge in popularity from there.

YOU showcased more confidence in its storytelling for season 2. The writers made a concerted effort to humanize Joe, showing the character as he attempts to turn a new leaf and avoid falling into the same toxic patterns. These efforts eventually gave way to a chaotic season finale, with Joe gradually losing control and descending into madness. According to Gamble, YOU season 3 will continue down that path when it returns in late 2021.


Gamble announced on Twitter that YOU season 3 was entering its last day of filming, taking the opportunity to thank the cast and crew for their hard work and diligence during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, while she stopped short of revealing specifics, Gamble did tease the fact that season 3 would be absolutely “bonkers.” You can check out Gamble’s tweet below.

YOU season 2 ended with several twists. Most notably, it turns out, that Love is just as unstable as Joe. Following the revelation that Love is pregnant with Joe’s child, the couple commits to each other although Joe seems to return to his old habits of looking for something better. This comes through in the season’s final scene, as Joe is watching his neighbor named Natalie. Many have speculated that the character could be Joe’s mother, meaning that the third installment would finally explain how Badgley’s character turned out the way that he did.

While that remains to be seen, another aspect that will certainly add to the bonkers quality of YOU’s upcoming episodes is the relationship between Love and Joe. Now that the show’s main character has found someone who is willing to kill for him, it’s worth wondering what would happen if the happy couple were to betray each other.

It’s not the kind of premise that lends itself to multiple seasons. Eventually, if it hasn’t occurred already, viewers will tire of the attempts to rehabilitate Joe and show his more sympathetic side. This works well with Netflix’s established tendency to end shows after a relatively short run. But for at least another few seasons, the drama series has room to ratchet up the unexpected twists and turns. And, as it stands, after being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that fans will welcome YOUback with open arms.

Source: Sera Gamble

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