New Animal Crossing Villager Personalities The Next Game Can Add

Animal Crossing villagers have had the same personality types since the game was first released in 2001, aside from two added in New Leaf, and the next iteration of the series needs more villager types. While Nintendo has yet to announce the next game for the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for over two and a half years. The game is also not receiving any more updates.

There are currently eight personality types in Animal Crossing: Cranky, Jock, Lazy, Normal, Peppy, Sisterly, Smug, and Snooty. Cranky, Jock, Lazy, and Smug villagers are all male, and Normal, Peppy, Sisterly, and Snooty villagers are all female, because Animal Crossing personalities are currently tied to genders. Each villager’s personality type has certain phrases and conversations depending on their personality type.


What players really need for the next Animal Crossing game is new personality types to make the franchise feel new again. Having villagers pigeonholed into specific personalities can get tedious and repetitive to the player, especially when there is limited dialogue like in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. New personality traits or combinations are needed in the next game.

Animal Crossing Personalities Need A Shake Up In The Next Game

One of the easiest ways for Nintendo to enhance Animal Crossing villagers’ personalities is by using the current personality types in different ways. One way would be to allow the personality types for both in-game genders. Players could have villagers that are Lazy Females or Normal Males. While some personality types are similar, like Snooty and Smug, there is enough of a difference where allowing both in-game genders to be all personality types would give the game more variety. Another possibility to mix things up more could be to have villagers with two personality traits, instead of just one personality trait and hobby in Animal Crossing. This would lead to interesting combinations as well, like a Lazy Jock who wants to be fit but also likes snacks or a Cranky Peppy villager who is a bit of a grump but has a secret desire to become a pop star. This could also make dialog more interesting and give each character more depth.

Animal Crossing could also add new personality types to the game. In real life, there are significantly more than eight types of people. Personalities like Gloomy, Artsy, Dramatic, or Spooky would be great additions to the games. These villagers could even have new interactions like starting fights with other villagers or only liking rainy weather. New personalities would add more immersion into the game.

Animal Crossing is a wonderful escape from the real world; however, its villagers need a bit more realism with their personality types. The genders in-game should not dictate the personality of the villager, and new personalities would improve Animal Crossing immensely. Along with other changes, new personalities should definitely be added to the next game.

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