New Disney TCG Cards Revealed, Showing Off Fantasy & MTG Influences

New cards for the upcoming Disney card game Lorcana have been revealed, showing off both heroes and villains. Lorcana is the latest in a big lineup of games for Disney this year, with Disney Dreamlight Valley releasing in early access earlier this week and Mirrorverse coming out earlier this year. However, this is Disney’s first real foray into card games, and the new card reveals are bound to excite many fans.

Disney’s Lorcana was first announced at the end of August, with follow-up details promised for the near future. Players will assume the role of an Illumineer who is able to channel different Disney characters through the cards, and the game seems to take more influence from games like Magic the Gathering than Pokémon TCG. This week marks the beginning of the D23 Expo, which is set to bring news on a myriad of different Disney media, including Lorcana. Disney has experimented greatly with its properties recently, putting a Disney spin on classic formulas like the Stardew Valley-inspired Disney Dreamlight Valley.


A new article from Polygon (via TheGamer) has outlined the new Lorcana cards shown at D23, revealing seven in total. The card characters revealed are Stitch, Robin Hood, Cruella de Vil, Elsa, Captain Hook, Maleficent, and a special Mickey Mouse card exclusive to the convention. The title for the first set was also revealed, entitled Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, and is set to release in fall 2023. Each card has several stats and details, like special character abilities and lore, alongside gorgeous art. A special D23 Expo version of the cards are currently being sold to D23 attendees for $49.95.

Disney’s Lorcana TCG Cards Revealed

7 Images
Disney TCG Mickey card.
Disney TCG Stitch card.
Disney TCG Robin Hood card.
Disney TCG Cruella de Vil card.
Disney TCG Elsa card.
Disney TCG Captain Hook card.
Disney TCG Maleficent card.

With a cast of characters as broad as Disney’s, it’s a bit surprising it’s taken this long for a trading card game like this to be released by the company. Games like Magic the Gathering have announced crossovers with other popular media recently, and Disney could have easily taken a similar route partnering with an existing card game’s framework. The fact that Lorcana is being built from the ground up instead is refreshing, and likely considered the preferred route for the game to take for most Disney fans and card game fans alike.

When Disney first announced Lorcana, it promised the game would not be something immensely complicated that only hardcore card game fans could enjoy, which may have led some fans to worry the game’s mechanics would be too simplistic. However, the text revealed on these new cards indicates that Lorcana will have a solid amount of interesting gameplay elements. Disney fans have a lot to look forward to – alongside Lorcana and their recent video game releases, Disney also announced a series of Disney-themed board games earlier this year. While it’s currently unknown exactly when Disney‘s Lorcana will become available for all players, these new cards show a lot of promise.

Source: Polygon (via TheGamer)

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