New Horror-Comedy CENSUS Exposes The Supernatural Side of NYC (Exclusive)

The magical population of the Big Apple is about to be accounted for in the upcoming series Census. In an exclusive with Screen Rant, Comixology Originals is announcing Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, and Sebastián Piriz’s new horror/comedy series that takes a look at the supernatural citizens of New York City that are hiding in plain sight.

This isn’t the first partnership between Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, as the two have previously worked on titles such as Genius, TheHighwaymen, and Nightwatchman. Independently, Bernardin is a writer-producer who has worked for television series such as Castle Rock, Star Trek: Picard, and Masters of the Universe: Revelation.Freeman, on the other hand, has worked as a writer, director, comic creator and stand-up comedian. Rising artist Piriz worked on covers for series such as Red Sonja, Transformers and Stranger Things.


Together, these three talents are uniting to bring a horrific and hysterical new title to Comixology Originals. Screen Rant is proud to reveal a first look at Census, written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, with art from Sebastián Piriz. The series centers around Liam Malone, a shiftless poli-sci major trying to find direction and a job in New York City. It seems that the young man’s luck is changing for the better in the form of an ad that promises decent pay with no prior experience. Unfortunately for Liam, he’s signing up for the Otherworld Census Bureau, and being charged with accounting every supernatural being that lives in the City That Never Sleeps. Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at Census that shows off the comical yet frightening situation Liam is about to conscript himself into.

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Marc Bernardin confirms that the fabric of New York is woven into his, Freeman, and Piriz’s supernatural tale, saying “I was born in New York City, and it always feels like a place that has more doors than people. And behind each of those doors is someone’s story.” Meanwhile, Freeman states it was a “…blast to bring our sense of humor to the supernatural and mythological sandbox – all set within the diverse cultures and boroughs of our native New York City.“

A vibrant metropolis would be interesting enough on its own as a setting – no doubt plenty of people can relate to trying to find oneself in the middle of a huge city like New York. But throw in potentially evil demons, monsters and any number of supernatural entities and a tale as old as time suddenly becomes a highly unique story ripe with opportunity. Bernardin, Freeman, and Piriz’s Census takes the existing dreamlike, magical nature of New York City and makes that magic real by making djinns, changelings and succubi average, ordinary citizens. Does Liam have what it takes to finish his task and make it out alive? Readers will have to find out for themselves when Census releases September 13 2022, exclusively on Amazon’s Comixology service.

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