New Pixar Movie Confirmed By Disney: Elio Story Details & Image Revealed

Pixar has revealed its newest movie project Elio with plot details and a first look at the protagonist. Though Pixar recently confirmed Inside Out 2, the animation studio has released a number of original works the past few years with Onward, Soul, Turning Red, and more. Their focus on original stories continues with another new project.

As announced at the D23 Expo and on Pixar’s Twitter, Elio is about a boy who doesn’t really fit in accidentally traveling across the galaxy and becoming ambassador for Earth while among aliens. Yonas Kibreab, who had a small role in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, will voice Elio alongside America Ferrera as his mom Olga. See the first image below:


Mary Alice Drumm, known for producing other Pixar films like Coco and Brave, will be a producer on Elio with Coco’s Adrian Molina directing. While this is the first audiences are hearing of the movie, it is expected to release in Spring 2024 behind the June 2023 release of Pixar’s Elemental. Excited viewers will likely have to wait awhile for a trailer, but the first look already reveals a beautiful art style and interesting character designs for Elio.

Source: Pixar

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