New Superman & Lois Suit Finally Frees Hoechlin From Padding Problems

Superman & Lois season 3 is underway with Tyler Hoechlin donning a far less padded suit as the Man of Steel. Superman & Lois marks one of Tyler Hoechlin’s five Superman iterations, following on from Hoechlin’s portrayal of the character in the separate Arrowverse. Hoechlin has worn a number of different versions of Superman’s classic red and blue suit in his various incarnations of the character, with the latest on Superman & Lois finally removing a major issue from the first two seasons.


Hoechlin’s suit in Superman & Lois seasons 1 and 2 included notable areas of padding, particularly in the upper body. This proved to be a somewhat irksome issue for many viewers in the show’s apparent efforts to emphasize Superman’s muscular physique. Set photos show this is no longer the case, with Hoechlin donning a much more form-fitting suit that seems to have little, if any, padding (seen below).

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Aside from additions like Hoechlin’s five o’clock shadow as Clark Kent making his new take on Superman distinct, what made the suit’s padding in the first two seasons of Superman & Lois annoying to many viewers was the observation that Hoechlin required no such assistance. Hoechlin’s lithe physique made him quite convincing in the role, a more athletic type of Man of Steel to Henry Cavill’s burlier DCEU version. Though the suit’s padding was far from enough to ruin Superman & Lois, the loss of it and other cosmetic changes to the suit are decided improvements.

How Superman’s Costume Is Different In Superman & Lois Season 3

As a character whose powers include immense superhuman strength, Superman’s musculature has long been emphasized in comics, animation, and live-action portrayals. The redesigned suit for Superman & Lois season 3 captures this well, showing off all the physical work Hoechlin has put in for the role. Fight scenes like Superman & Lois‘s Oldboy-inspired hallway brawl now showcase his hard-earned physique much more prominently.

A few other aesthetic changes also make the new Superman & Lois suit an improvement from past seasons. The shade of blue on the body of the suit is a darker Navy blue with a similarly darkened shade of red for the cape, while the S-shield has been given a textured design. All of these elements elevate the suit above any other Hoechlin has previously worn in his Superman performances.

The initial suit worn by Hoechlin in Superman & Lois was generally seen as a superior version to the iterations he wore in the Arrowverse. Still, the unnecessary padding in the first two seasons created a nitpick that Superman & Lois season 3 seems to have finally addressed. That change has granted Tyler Hoechlin a great and modified new Superman suit, allowing him to fully shine in Superman & Lois season 3.

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