Next Quiet Place Movie Script Has Already Been Written

With A Quiet Place Part II fresh in theaters, director John Krasinski has already revealed that the next Quiet Place movie script has been written. Premiering back in 2018, the first A Quiet Place film proved to be a massive success, earning $340 million at the box office worldwide. It quickly became apparent that Paramount had a new franchise on their hands, which paved the way for the next film in the series.

Originally planned to release in the spring of 2020, A Quiet Place Part II was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The film finally opened Memorial Day weekend 2021 with a projected box office gross of $57 million in just four days, which is a massive achievement in these pandemic-era times. Reprising their roles from the first film, the new film stars Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe as they navigate a post-apocalyptic world infested by blind creatures that have an acute sense of hearing. Despite the delays in releasing A Quiet Place Part II, it seems that the creative team isn’t slowing down in developing further installments.


As seen in a tweet from Fandango Editor Erik Davis, during an episode of TwitterSpaces, Krasinski revealed that writer-director Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) has already written and handed in the script for the next Quiet Place movie. While referred to as “part three,” Krasinski wouldn’t offer up further details as to who the film’s focus will be or if it will continue the same storyline of the previous two films.

Back in November of 2020, Paramount announced plans for a new movie in the Quiet Place universe. The studio pegged Nichols to helm the project, which is based on an original idea by Krasinski. While the studio has set a 2022 release date for the film, further details are not known at this time; however, the studio has continuously referred to the project as the third movie in the franchise, which could very well mean that the script Krasinski is referring to above is for the Nichols spinoff film as opposed to a direct sequel to the previous Quiet Place movies.

While not much is known at this time about the third Quiet Place film, it’s clear that the studio does in fact have plans to continue the franchise. Whether a direct sequel or spinoff, based on the critical and commercial success the first two movies have received, there is a good chance that the third movie will do well. Though this will be the most high-profile feature Nichols has helmed, he has been handed a strong foundation on which to build a compelling film.

Source: Erik Davis/Twitter

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