No One Involved In AEW All Out Altercation Has Spoken About It

Since September 4, there’s been a hurricane of new information about what happened following CM Punk’s post-All Out media scrum, but AEW fans should be careful about what they believe. Over the last several days, reports from numerous respected wrestling media members have been published. Whenever one of these blue checkmarks releases news, it’s then disseminated throughout the web to be consumed as fact.

That’s a bit of a dangerous game for the fanbase to play, however, especially with a topic as white-hot and polarizing as CM Punk Vs. Being The Elite. AEW’s core audience can’t seem to get enough of the details either, as they pledge allegiance to Team Punk or Team BTE on Twitter and Reddit. There’s a (very, very) important element that seems to be getting left out in the dark while all the if it bleeds, it leads mentality takes precedent for AEW’s audience.


The detail is that, according to Dave Meltzer, no one directly involved in Punk’s post-media scrum fight has actually spoken about what went down. All of the information is second-hand or from people who witnessed certain things happening but were not directly involved. The veteran wrestling scribe wrote the following in the most recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “But as best we can tell, no actual person involved has talked, and the only story we’ve directly gotten was from someone very close to the Punk side.” Meltzer continued, stating that “[s]tories that have gotten out are so completely different and some things that have gotten out, such as the idea the Young Bucks broke down or kicked down the dressing room door to get at Punk, have been denied even by the Punk side.“

The Truth Of CM Punk Vs. BTE Lies Somewhere In The Middle

Diehard AEW fans were always going to side with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, with information supporting their side taking mental precedent over any report that doesn’t. Likewise, relapsed WWE fans who tuned in to AEW to watch CM Punk were going to lean his way. That’s natural, but it’s important to remember that, based on what Meltzer is reporting, no one involved in the physicality backstage is saying anything.

These stories continue to gain traction for a reason. Things like this don’t typically happen in professional wrestling, and it feels like a peek behind the curtain for fans of AEW. That might be the case, but with an ongoing investigation and potential legal fallout, it stands to reason that none of Punk, Omega, or Nick and Matt Jackson are going to be speaking about what went down after AEW All Out anytime soon. That makes all of these reports secondhand, turning this into a game of telephone. Until something comes directly from one of them, so-called statements supporting one side or the other must be taken with a grain of salt by AEW fans.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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