Official Halloween Ends Replica Reveals Michael’s Mask Post-Time Jump

The official Halloween Ends Michael Myers replica mask emphasizes how aged and deteriorated the antagonist’s iconic costume has become in the upcoming film. David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy began in 2018 as a “requel” to John Carpenter’s original Halloween film that retconned every entry beyond the 1978 classic, followed by the divisive Halloween Kills. The sequel takes place immediately after the 2018 film and brings the full force of Haddonfield against Michael. Despite the opposition, the unstoppable villain survives and kills Laurie Strode’s daughter, Karen.


Breaking from convention, Halloween Ends will not complete Laurie and Michael’s epic story over that same Halloween night, but jump forward four years. Much will change due to the Halloween Ends time skip, namely the central characters of Laurie, Michael, and the former’s granddaughter, Allyson. Laurie is no longer in the hospital, Allyson’s mortifying experience with Michael has likely hardened her, and the Shape’s evil has grown even darker. Previews have also suggested that Michael’s appearance has gotten much worse for wear after the four years.

Halloween fans can now see how aggressively time has altered Michael’s legendary mask, thanks to an official replica designed by Trick or Treat Studios. After being shot, burned alive, and stabbed throughout the first two modern Halloween films, the mask is significantly damaged and has become mold-ridden over the time jump. The replica mask, sculpted by Christopher Nelson & Vincent Van Dyke, will become available on September 15, 2022, for $79.99. Check out the product images below:

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Unlike shadowy glimpses of Michael Myers in marketing materials and stills released so far, the Trick or Treat Studios mask is the best look at the killer’s face in Halloween Ends. The mold on the left side of the product is the most apparent evidence that Michael has not disposed of the mask worn in Halloween and Halloween Kills, which is not surprising, considering his laser focus on killing Laurie and anybody getting in his way. Additionally, Michael is a wanted murderer and does not have the means to seek treatment for his injuries, let alone venture out to the store to get a new outfit, even if he wants to.

Fans will see Michael’s moldy mask in action when Halloween Ends premieres in theaters and on Peacock in mid-October, but until then, avid horror collectors can own it for themselves. As one of the most impressively designed headpieces for the slasher icon, Halloween fans should be happy with the purchase. But, more importantly, the details highlight how little Michael cares about his well-being, which promises an intimate final confrontation with Laurie. The silent and evil killer, riddled with infection and the effects of rot and corruption, must finalize his vengeance against Laurie in Halloween Ends or die trying.

Source: Trick or Treat Studios

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