Old: Mid-Size Sedan’s Mystery Illness & Death Explained

Here’s the illness of Old character Mid-Size Sedan and his demise explained. M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense was a major success back in 1999, and in addition to being a moving drama with a ghostly premise, it featured an incredible twist ending. This would become something of a trademark with the filmmaker, with the likes of Unbreakable and The Village taking unexpected turns – though some of these reveals were more shocking than others. The director also feels more at home in the horror and thriller genres, as his blockbuster outings like The Last Airbender and 2013 sci-fi adventure After Earth proved.


After a period of critical and commercial duds, Shyamalan got his groove back by returning to his genre roots with The Visit and Split. He continued his genre run with 2021’s Old – where M. Night has a cameo –  which is based on the graphic novel Sandcastle. The story sees a group of strangers arriving at a secluded tropical beach for a holiday, only to find they’re aging rapidly for every hour they spent there. Old received mixed reviews, especially for its twist reveal of the beach’s true nature.

Still, Old has its moments and is grounded by a talented ensemble. This includes Aaron Pierre as a rapper named Mid-Size Sedan. The character -whose real name is Brendan – is treated with suspicion when a female companion he was traveling with turns up dead, and he suffers from mysterious nosebleeds. It is soon revealed that most of the beachgoers have some kind of medical affliction, and while Mid-Size Sedan doesn’t spell out his condition, he appears to be afflicted with hemophilia.

Mid-Size Sedan’s Old Death Explained

This is a blood disease that affects the ability of blood to clot. Old – which has many differences from Sandcastle – uses his condition to highlight the magical property of the beach, because after being attacked and stabbed on the cheek by Rufus Sewell’s Charles – a surgeon batting schizophrenia – his wound is shown to heal almost instantly. Sadly, this does little to help Mid-Size Sedan later on in Old, when Charles attacks again and stabs him repeatedly with his pocket knife.

It could be argued that the beach should have helped Mid-Size Sedan recover from these injuries, but he’s killed during Charles’ frenzied attack. The film also never addresses why his cut cheek closes up almost immediately, yet his nose can’t seem to stop bleeding. Oldis one of Shyamalan’s bleakest movies and doesn’t end well for most of its characters.

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