One Piece Changes the Straw Hat Pirates’ Place in the World Forever

This article contains SPOILERS for One Piece #1058

After their triumph in the battle for the liberation of Wano, the place of the Straw Hat Pirates in the One Piece world changed forever. The captain Luffy has been officially recognized as one of the Yonko – the four most powerful pirates in the world – by the World Government, and his crew members are now considered the highest officers of the Straw Hat Fleet, one of the most dangerous pirates group of the New World.

One Piece has a very long story, and as the plot progresses so do its protagonists. Most of them started as mostly unknown, and slowly but surely Luffy and the Straw Hats climbed their way to the top of the pirate world. One major step forward happened in Dressrosa, after Luffy defeated the Warlord Doflamingo and liberated the people he had enslaved, including seven powerful pirate captains. To show their eternal gratitude, all of them swore an oath of fealty towards Luffy, and solemnly proclaimed that from that moment onwards they would consider themselves and their men as part of the “Straw Hat Grand Fleet”. It was an epic moment, but the manga has not followed up on that plot thread yet.


The Straw Hats gained even more notoriety after defeating the alliance between the Emperors Kaido and Big Mom on Wano, bringing down two of the most powerful individuals in the world. This means that the World Government now recognizes them as a major threat, and the new bounties the Straw Hats received are proof of that. Besides the bounties, however, chapter #1058 of One Piece also reveals that the Government and the Marines now consider the nine Straw Hat Pirates to be something more than just Luffy’s crew on the Thousand Sunny. In the Japanese version of the chapter, they are called by the Marines the “Nine Great Officers“. Officers in One Piece are the more relevant members of a pirate group, which means that the Navy recognizes the Straw Hat Grand Fleet as an active threat. Luffy himself has now the title of “Great Captain” (also in the Japanese version).

The peculiarity of the Straw Hat Pirates has always been that they are very few. Compared to the crews of former and current Yonko, especially Kaido and Big Mom who had thousands of men under their command, Luffy’s group seems less impressive, despite the undeniable power of some of its members. In Wano, an alliance with the local samurai helped even the odds against Kaido, but it’s unlikely that this will happen again in the future, when Luffy will have to confront the fearsome Blackbeard or even the newly-established Cross Guild group. However, this is where the 5,600 members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet can come back in the story.

While Luffy’s attitude is not that of a commander and he hates being tied down by commitments, it’s not unlikely that the Straw Hats will become the commanding officers of this huge group, and help their captain reach his goal of finding the One Piece and becoming the Pirate King.

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