One-Punch Man’s Garou Overcame His Origin With One Devastating Attack

Warning! Contains spoilers for Chapter 157 of One-Punch Man! 

In the latest chapter of One-Punch Man, Garou definitively proved that he has surpassed his roots. While Garou has become increasingly powerful over the course of the Monsters Association arc, he still has deep-rooted feelings stemming from his past failures. Now he has finally laid those insecurities to rest.

One-Punch Man is a manga written by One with art by Yusuke Murata that follows Saitama, an overpowered superhero who can defeat all his enemies with a single punch. However, the series really shines when it focuses on its large cast of supporting characters. One of the most popular of these characters is Garou, a man who goes around hunting heroes in a quest to become stronger. Garou thoroughly rejects the philosophy of the Hero Association and strives to become a monster instead of a hero. Recently, Garou has driven himself to push past his limiters and acquire the superhuman strength and agility that justify his status as a monster. In his most recent fight in chapter 157, he has proven this to the person whose opinion matters most of all: himself.


In the latest chapter of One-Punch Man, Garou finally manages to defeat the giant centipede monster Centisennin. He does this by removing its regenerative core and then splitting it down the middle with an insanely powerful strike. As he does this, Garou remembers back to when he was first learning martial arts under the tutelage of the hero Bang. In that flashback, he attempted to split a stack of ceramic tiles, but frustratingly only broke all of them but one. In contrast, when he strikes Centisennin he splits the creature entirely in half and he caps it off by saying that this time, he broke them all, comparing it to a giant stack of tiles.

The fact that Garou makes this comparison shows how heavily that failure to split the tiles weighed on him. Garou is always trying to become the strongest being he can be so it makes sense that a moment when his strength wasn’t sufficient would haunt him years after it happened. Centisennin was an exaggerated analog to a stack of tiles. With its body fully extended, it stretched into the upper atmosphere and its body was made of much stronger stuff than ceramic. So, by splitting Centisennin in half, Garou proved that he is now at the level where he could split any stack of tiles with ease, thus finally moving past his childhood hang-up.

While Garou’s personal and physical growth is great for his character, it is potentially disastrous for the Hero Association. While he has been working with the heroes to some extent to defeat the heavy hitters of the Monster Association, Garou is still an enemy of the Hero Association. And the manga showed that Saitama, King, and a crew of TV reporters clearly noticed what he did, so a clash between Garou and the heroes may be coming soon. If it does, Garou will now be more prepared than before, having overcome his past failures and now being one of the strongest characters in One-Punch Man in both body and mind.

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