Paper Mario: The Origami King – Where To Find The Manhole Hook

The new Paper Mario: The Origami King is the sixth game in the popular series, taking players through another puzzle- and fighting-based romp as the famous titular plumber. During the game, players will eventually make it to Toad Town and seek to enter Peach’s Castle. With no straightforward access, players will need to go through a manhole in the northwest corner of town into the sewer systems and enter the castle. Before they can do that, however, once they interact with the manhole, they’ll learn they need a hook to open it.

Players will need to search through Toad Town and fend off Giant Goombas to get to the Manhole Hook and continue progressing the story. Two Shy Guys can help the player find the location, but there is a very specific process a player will need to follow to retrieve it. Here’s how to find and obtain the Manhole Hook and continue the story into the Graffiti Underground.


Save the Shy Guy in Paper Mario: The Origami King

When players first find the Manhole in Toad Town, they will need to interact with it to learn it requires a Manhole Hook to open. Near the Manhole, they will also find a Shy Guy. This NPC does not know where the Manhole Hook might be, but he will suggest players find his “less handsome” friend, another Shy Guy just below that area. Players should have no trouble finding this other NPC Shy Guy, as he is the one in need of saving from a hungry Goomba just south of the area in a house.

Players will need to enter the house to get to the Goomba if they have not defeated it already. To do this, they will want to enter the house by filling a hole with confetti. Once inside, they need to hit the dresser inside with their hammer. This triggers the drawer to open, creating a step to get to the window. Mario can climb through the window by hitting it with the hammer also. The player needs to defeat the Goomba and save the Shy Guy if they have not done so already.

Find the Manhole Hook in Paper Mario: The Origami King

The player should speak to the Shy Guy about the Manhole Hook. Unfortunately, the Shy Guy will tell the player he does not have the Hook on him. Instead, he has stored it in the red building near the pier in the eastern part of town.

To enter the building, players will need to use confetti once more. Once inside, players will see a Koopa lodged in a box. They should help free the Koopa, though the Koopa will not be of help to retrieve the Hook. Near the trapped Koopa on a shelving unit, players will find some boxes. Hitting this with the hammer will make one come loose. Players should keep hitting that one until it falls off the shelf.

The box will reveal a new 1000-Fold Arms spot. Using this spot will allow the player to peel back the wall and reveal a secret door.

Through the door, players will encounter a few Goombas they will need to defeat. They can also destroy as many of the boxes here as they can reach. Once that’s done, players should climb over the green step ladder on wheels and face it from the left side. To move the ladder, they will need to hit it with the hammer. Players will want to move it a little bit to the right, then climb it to reach the shelf containing the Manhole Hook. To grab it, players will want to hit the box holding it until it falls, then grab the Hook from the ground.

The player can then take the Manhole Hook back to the Manhole and use it to climb into the sewers and advance the main story through the sewer and to Peach’s Castle.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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