Paris In Love: Paris Hilton and Carter Reum Spend Christmas In London

Paris In Love stars Paris Hilton and Carter Reum continued their honeymoon by stopping in London to celebrate Christmas. Many families kept their Christmas party guest lists limited this holiday season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Kardashians had a more intimate celebration this year with just family, whereas in the past their parties have included performances by Sia and John Legend. Paris and Carter followed in their footsteps, having a private holiday celebration with just the two of them in the European city. Their Christmas vacation is their third stop on what Paris calls the couple’s honeymoon world tour. The hotel heiress has been showcasing her post-wedding vacations on her YouTube channel.


Aside from London, Paris and Carter have so far visited Bora Bora in the Leeward Islands and Moskito Island in the British Virgin Islands. The star partnered with Hilton to document her various vacation stops on her YouTube series, My Dream Honeymoon. In each episode, Paris stays at one of the Hilton-owned resorts or hotels, and reminisces on her favorite memories from each vacation spot. She and Carter showcase their various vacation activities like swimming in the crystal oceans and playing tennis on their private court. Each room Paris stays in is fit for a queen and decorated with photos of her and Carter.

Paris and Carter, who got married on November 11, spent their first Christmas as a married couple continuing their honeymoon in London. Paris ended up telling People, “We met back in 2019 during the holidays, so this time of the year has always been important for us. Looking back, it makes me think of how far we’ve come as a couple.” People shared photos from the couple’s holiday getaway. In the pictures, Paris posed in front of a decorated Christmas tree in a red tweed dress while Carter dressed down in jeans and black sneakers. Paris revealed that she loves to shop when she visits London, and her favorite stores are Harrods, Selfridges, Hamleys Toy Store and the designer shops on Bond Street.

Paris invited fans into her holiday vacation with the third episode of My Dream Honeymoon. In the episode, Paris showed fans around her hotel room, adventured around the city and even stopped by the hotel lobby to have a chat with Santa. Saint Nick assured the star that while she may have had a naughty past when she was younger, she has certainly made the nice list this year. Paris revealed to People that she plans on naming her first daughter London, adding, “I’m excited that Carter and I got to share part of our honeymoon here to celebrate our marriage!“

Paris has always lived a luxurious life as the great-granddaughter of Hilton hotel founder Conrad Nicholson Hilton, so it only makes sense that the star would celebrate the Christmas season in such an elegant way. While it’s unfortunate that holiday celebrations have continued to remain small, it’s exciting that the pair got to celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple together. Paris still has two more stops left on her honeymoon tour, and knowing her, she has a lot in store for the series finale. The Paris In Love star hasn’t visited her namesake city yet, but it would be in Paris fashion to conclude their tour in the City of Love.

Sources: People, Paris Hilton/YouTube

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