Peter Dinklage Shares His Thoughts On House Of The Dragon

Peter Dinklage offers his thoughts on the Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon, saying he believes it shouldn’t try to recreate what came before. For 8 seasons, Dinklage was one of the main players on Game of Thrones. He played sharp-witted Tyrion Lannister, a fan favorite and one of the few characters to actually make it to the end of the show. Dinklage won 4 Emmys for his performance; it’s no wonder then that he still remains closely tied to the world of Westeros, even as he moves on to other critically acclaimed roles like his part in the new film Cyrano.

It helps that Westeros lives on. Or, it will later this year when HBO debuts its first Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon. Based on author George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, the new television series is set hundreds of years before Tyrion and other familiar characters lived and focuses on House Targaryen. When House of the Dragon first begins, King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) is on the throne, though as anyone who watched Game of Thrones will know, that crown is precariously placed at best.


Dinklage has been making the rounds lately promoting Cyrano, which also means he’s been reflecting on Game of Thrones‘ enduring legacy. For the most part, he’s been discussing the show’s controversial end, but in a recent interview with The Independent, he turned his attention to House of the Dragon. Dinklage had one source of apprehension for the prequel show, but ultimately said he’s quite excited to see it play out. He said:

“I think the trick is not to try to recreate Thrones. If you try to recreate it, that feels like a money grab. With a lot of sequels, the reason for them is that the first one made a lot of money, which is why they aren’t as strong. But I am excited to watch the House of the Dragon, purely as a viewer, not knowing what will happen next.”

Dinklage’s comments echo those made by his onscreen brother Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who said back in October that he hopes House of the Dragon manages to stand on its own. Game of Thrones was a monumental achievement that cannot be replicated, and it shouldn’t be. House of the Dragon might retain some familiar names and locations, but it ultimately tells its own story. That alone truly makes it exciting. It also has its own creative team, which might appease those who were let down by Game of Thrones‘ ending.

Still, Dinklage is excited to see House of the Dragon, and he likely isn’t the only one. HBO is hyping its arrival, though it isn’t quite clear just when it will premiere. Series star Rhys Ifans gave an update on House of the Dragon‘s premiere in December, warning fans might have to wait a while since production was still underway. To get a show of this scale completed is no doubt a great deal of work, and it’s likely only been complicated by the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, fans will probably be willing to wait as long as they need to for this show. And it’ll probably still come out before The Winds of Winter, which helps.

House of the Dragon premieres on HBO in 2022.

Source: The Independent

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