Pierce Brosnan’s Bond Becomes Doctor Fate In Black Adam Crossover Art

New art shows what Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond would look like if he became Black Adam‘s Doctor Fate. Brosnan famously played the role of James Bond for four movies in the 90s and early 2000s. He first appeared as Bond in GoldenEye in 1995. Originally, Brosnan was supposed to play Bond nearly 10 years earlier in The Living Daylights, but was still under contract with the show Remington Steele and couldn’t take the role.

Black Adam marks Brosnan’s first appearance in a big-budget superhero movie. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Howard Sherman, his character Doctor Fate dates back to 1940 and first appeared in More Fun Comics #55. Doctor Fate is able to use magic and is in possession of the mystical artifact the Helmet of Fate. Both in the comics and film, Doctor Fate is part of the superhero team the Justice Society who will cross paths with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam when the film comes out on October 21.


While James Bond and Doctor Fate are from different fictional universes, they do represent the two larger-than-life characters Brosnan has portrayed on-screen. Art featured on the bosslogic Instagram page shows what the two heroes would like if they were mixed together. Check out the post below:

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The art shows a GoldenEye era James Bond wearing Doctor Fate’s Helmet of Fate. The gun has been modified from Bond’s traditional Walther PPK into one that stylistically reflects Doctor Fate’s aesthetic. Bond does have a history with other golden guns like in the film and book The Man With The Golden Gun. A golden gun was also featured in the now classic video game GoldenEye on the N64. In the James Bond promotional image that was used for the art mashup, he was already wearing gold cufflinks that match the helmet and gun.

Brosnan deserves to be taking on another heroic big screen role. While a number of the Brosnan era Bond films are not remembered fondly, this primarily comes down to poorly made movies and not his performance. With Brosnan wanting to continue playing the role of 007 after Die Another Day, he hasn’t had the opportunity to play a full-blown hero on that scale since then. Black Adam‘s Doctor Fate role gives the former Bond actor another chance to help save the world once again.

Source: bosslogic

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