Pixar’s First Longform TV Show Revealed, Will Forte Set To Star

Pixar announces its first long-form television series, titled Win or Lose, with Will Forte set to star. The studio has had multiple projects on Disney+, including Forky Asks a Question, Pixar Popcorn, Dug Days, and Cars on the Road, but those were all short-form series. And even though the long-form Monsters at Work show continues the story of Mike and Sulley from Pixar’s movie, the show was distributed by Disney Television Animation, and Pixar’s logo is nowhere to be found in any episode.


Because of this, Win or Lose becomes the studio’s first official long-form series. And, at D23 Expo, Pixar reveals exciting details about the show that weren’t previously known. MacGruber star Forte will lead the series as Dan, a middle school softball coach. The show will focus on a week of the team’s lives before their championship game. Each episode will focus on the same story, but through different perspectives, depending on the protagonist’s recollection of events, and release on the streaming service sometime in 2023. Check out the first look at the series below:

Based on this first look, the show seems to be another unique entry for Pixar. While it’s unclear how the main concept of the series will play out, the addition of Forte as the principal lead certainly adds a level of interest toWin or Lose. It will likely be one of Pixar’s most comedic projects, and it’ll hopefully play around with its concept to the fullest for maximum entertainment.

Source: Pixar/Twitter

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