Poser: Exclusive Soundtrack Preview

Screen Rant is thrilled to premiere a tone-setting track from the soundtrack of Poser, a thrilling musical drama from directors Ori Segev and Noah Dixon. The film tells the story of Lennon Gates (played by Sylvie Mix), an outsider who desperately wants to be a part of the Columbus, Ohio underground music scene. Poser quickly racked up a healthy count of favorable reviews after its initial screenings in Ohio, New York City, and Los Angeles, making it an auspicious feature-length debut for Segev and Dixon.


The score for Poser was provided by the duo of Shawn Sutta and Adam Robl, who have been working together since 2005. Unlike Segev and Dixon, this is not the first feature score by the duo, who previously collaborated on films such as Uncle John, Late Life, and Before the Fire. Though the pair did perform most of the score for Poser themselves, they occasionally brought in other musicians including vocalist Gabriella Ferrer and violinist Abby Young.

Screen Rant‘s premiere of “Overture” offers listeners who haven’t seen Poser the chance to get a sense of the unique tone of the film. For those who have seen the film, it’s an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the film’s 18-track soundtrack album, which drops tomorrow on streaming services. Listen to “Overture” below:

Despite being the fourth track on the Poser soundtrack, “Overture” serves as a fitting introduction to the sonic landscape of the film. The expertly-crafted score blends classical influences with modern elements, resulting in a finished product both Baroque and progressive. Gabriella Ferrer’s layered vocals add an eerie, yet human touch that perfectly reflects the journey of Poser‘s protagonist. When discussing Poser‘s score in an interview with Screen Rant, Shawn Sutta said “…the score represents more of the inner thoughts that Lennon is going through…”, which is certainly evident in “Overture”.

Listen to Poser‘s Complete Soundtrack on September 16th

Adam Robl and Shawn Sutta have created a stunning score for Poser, which drops in full tomorrow courtesy of Lakeshore Records. Twisting piano suites, funereal organ pieces, and more evocative vocal work set the soundtrack for Poser apart and make it worth multiple listens. Be sure to pre-save the complete album and enjoy it as soon as it drops.

To learn more about the filmmakers’ ties to the Columbus underground music scene as well as the creation of the score, be sure to check out Screen Rant‘s interview with the directors and composers of Poser.

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