Putt-Putt & Freddi Fish 3 Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

Two classic games are coming to the Nintendo Switch a full two decades after their initial release. Putt-Putt Travels Through Time and Freddi Fish 3 were both products of 90s developer Humongous Games, but the two PC games appear to be getting a port for the Switch over 20 years later. These are hardly the first classic games to receive ports to the Nintendo Switch.

Ever since Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion, which would bring classic Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis games to the modern consoles, there has been speculation about whether other old games could be ported. Many Switch owners are also hoping that classic Game Boy games might be added to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog. The fact that SEGA games are being ported to a brand new console family has raised the possibility that old-school PC games could be coming as well. Now, those possibilities are beginning to come to fruition.


In two videos posted to the Humongous Entertainment YouTube channel, Nintendo has revealed two classic games are coming to the Nintendo Online eShop beginning on January 3. Notably, these are the first new videos on the Humongous Entertainment YouTube channel in four years, which shows just how big of a development this is for the classic gaming company. Humongous Entertainment was part of bankruptcy proceedings in 2013 by then-parent company Infogrames. Most of the games intellectual property was sold off to publisher Tommo, who announced plans to port some of the Humongous games onto contemporary consoles. The announcement of Freddi Fish 3 and Putt-Putt Travels Through Time appears to be the first games to make the leap.

Unfortunately, Tommo has not acquired all of Humongous Entertainment’s gaming catalog, specifically the popular Backyard Sport franchise, which is currently owned by the Evergreen Group. Currently, there are no plans to develop any additional ports for those Backyard Sport games, but there may be other Humongous games on the way. That means that games featuring Pajama Sam and Spy Fox could be announced for the Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

Whether there are more Humongous games on the way for the Nintendo Switch or not, the fact that PC games are being ported to the modern handheld consoles is sure to excite retro gamers. Many are probably imagining the prospect of classics like Sim City, Oregon Trail, and so many more finally accessible for a new generation of gamers. For now, players can take a trip back in time to reminisce about some of their childhood favorite games.

Source: Humongous Entertainment/YouTube (1, 2)

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