Returnal Enemies Trailer Shows Off A Lot Of Tentacles

The Hostiles trailer for Returnal showcases the terrifying creatures Selene will have to face on her third-person roguelike adventure. With the release of Housemarque’s action shooter just around the corner, players are anxious to see what kind of monsters they will have to face on the alien world of Atropos. Returnal features roguelike elements, which means that every time Selene dies, the environments and enemies of the world change. This means that in order to avoid being sent back to the start of a whole new gauntlet, players will need to pay very close attention to the monsters they face in the game.


The combat in Returnal is heavily centered on movement, dodging opponents’ attacks, and unleashing damage in return. The hostiles vary in skill and ability, with new attack and movement patterns Selene will have to counter in order to win. There is a lot of discussion surrounding the combat system in Returnal, and the latest gameplay trailer centers on it, as well as the challenging (and often ugly) opponents Selene will face on Atropos.

A trailer released for Returnal by PlayStation centers on the hostiles of the alien world. The trailer showcases footage captured on the PS5, featuring various aliens inhabiting the world. Selene will have to face Automatons, a Gorgolith, a Titanops, and many more creatures in order to progress on each run. The trailer also teased a sinister form of enemy called the Infected Scout which strongly resembles Selene herself, possibly serving as a haunting remnant of failed playthroughs. One common factor between many of the aliens is the proliferation of tentacles.

Nearly every alien presented in the trailer, including the Ixion and the aforementioned Infected Scout, is surrounded by tentacles, which can lash out to attack Selene. Additionally, while the trailer doesn’t focus on Returnal’s story, it does hint at certain plot elements, like the potential origins of the Automaton enemy, and of course the Infected Scout. Given how prevalent they are on the game’s various enemies, one has to wonder if the tentacles themselves are relevant to the storyline of the game.

Returnal is dropping exclusively on the PlayStation 5 and brings with it a $70 price tag. While the trailer may bring much-needed hype to the game, showing off dangerous hostiles for players to overcome, this may not be enough to convince them to drop $10 more than traditional Triple-A games. There is no telling how this sinister, tentacular horror game will fare until the April 30th release date.

Returnal will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 5

Source: PlayStation

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