RHOC: Braunwyn’s Kids Reportedly Meeting New Girlfriend On NYE

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke is already planning to introduce her new girlfriend to her children. Although the 44-year-old has only been with Victoria Brito for a couple of months, their relationship has taken a serious turn. Not only is Brito going to spend the New Years’ weekend with the entire family, but Sean Burke has already met (and gotten along with) her.

Last December, Braunwyn announced that she was a lesbian. On her Instagram, she explained that she doesn’t believe in rules when it comes to deciding when to come out. She accepts who she really is, and RHOC viewers may have seen the news about her sexuality coming, as Braunwyn was shown being interested in women like Tamra Judge. Despite the revelation, Burke will reportedly stay married so their kids’ lives can remain stable. The two wed over 20 years ago. Shortly after coming out, Braunwyn was pictured in a relationship with actor Fernanda Rocha, before moving on with Jamie Parton this October.


Now, Braunwyn and Brito’s relationship seems serious. Braunwyn and Victoria hit it off back in September, and a source close to TMZ reports that Victoria has made plans to meet all of Braudwyn’s children. Another close source confirms that Sean met Victoria last month and that they bonded over various topics, including technology. Since Sean and Braunwyn are on good terms despite everything they have been through, the meeting between Victoria and their kids is expected to run smoothly, giving way to a fun holiday weekend.

Although the family has accepted their matriarch’s lifestyle, current and former cast members of RHOC have had a lot to say about Braunwyn as their relationships with the star have soured. The drama between these women started earlier this year; Emily Simpson, for example, mentioned that Braunwyn was “unlikable” and nicknamed her “Fraudwyn.” Gina Kirschenheiter also accused Braunwyn of being a bad friend, while Kelly Dodd pointed the finger after being let go by Bravo.

Those interested to watch more of the Windham-Burke family are going to be met with disappointment, as Braunwyn was fired after her second season on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Looking back on her experience, Braunwyn has few regrets and praises the show for helping her get (and remain) sober. Despite her lack of recent television appearances, viewers can still catch up on Braunwyn’s relationship online, whether they are rooting for her or not.

Source: TMZ

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