RHODubai: Sara Al Madani Slammed For Johnny Depp T-Shirt

Sara Al Madani is under fire after The Real Housewives of Dubai star posted and deleted a photo showing off her new “Johnny Depp is innocent” t-shirt. Show fans have already started to give Sara the side eye in the wake of the new franchise addition’s first reunion. It was during part one when Chanel Ayan revealed that Sara called the police on her and attempted to have her arrested after calling her “preachy” on the show. Andy Cohen didn’t allow the conversation to continue, but Chanel’s surprising reveal was still picked up by the viewers.


Many have accused Sara of trying to put Chanel’s freedom in danger in a country where she is a native citizen and Chanel is not. Housewives are known to throw shade and criticize each other—it’s a huge part of the show’s success. Elsewhere, Sara was called out throughout season 1 for how often she would overextend her judgments onto others. Caroline Brooks and Sara engaged in shouting matches after Sara told Brooks to be more affectionate with her son. So if Sara can dish out her opinion to others, fans are wondering why she can’t handle it when the energy is returned.

Now Sara is giving RHODubai fans another reason to look at her sideways after a recent post and delete on Instagram. Reddit user u/ashasaidwhattt shared a screenshot of Sara’s since-deleted Instagram post showing off her “Johnny Depp is innocent” t-shirt. “Enough Said!!” Sara wrote in the since-deleted post. “He is a victim of a narcissistic ex-wife @johnnydepp” she added. It’s likely Sara deleted the post after seeing the strong public response. The controversy surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial highlights issues of domestic violence and abuse.

Given the seriousness and severity of the allegations made, it’s a sensitive topic that most celebrities tend to avoid in an effort to keep their name out of controversy. But RHODubai star Sara’s bold choice to post a photo of herself wearing the divisive t-shirt, and even going as far as to tag the famed actor, highlights what appears to be her own need for attention. “I love how she tagged him too…Sara’s on the prowl…” one Redditor said. One Real Housewives fan said the photo should “should serve as a warning to Bravo as to why this RHONY reboot of girl bosses and influencers is gonna fail.” Another explained why they have grown to dislike Sara. “Simply because she tries very hard to be all zen when she seems pretty privileged and venomous,” they quipped.

If Sara thought the Johnny Depp t-shirt was going to gain her favor with fans, she can think again. The Real Housewives of Dubai star will have to learn how to read the room when it comes to dealing with American audiences. Sara already has a few strikes against her and season 2 hasn’t even started filming. From the looks of it, Sara is gaining steam as the new show villain. Maybe the t-shirt was her way to own her new role on the show.

Source: u/ashasaidwhattt/Reddit

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