Sadie Sink Battles Heartbreaking Grief In Dear Zoe Trailer

Sadie Sink can be seen facing grief head-on in the first official trailer for the upcoming coming-of-age family drama film Dear Zoe. Fresh off Stranger Things season 4, Sink will be taking on the lead role in the film based on the 2005 Philip Beard novel of the same name. Dear Zoe centers on Tess (Sink), her mother Elly, her little sister Emily, and her stepfather David following a tragic accident that claims the life of Tess’s youngest sister, Zoe. In a desperate search for emotional support, Tess attempts to rekindle her relationship with her biological father.


Now, the first trailer for Dear Zoe has officially been released via Entertainment Tonight. The trailer dives head first into the overwhelming pain and guilt of losing a sibling and the personal battles that Tess continues to face on a daily basis as a result. While she attempts to work through her heartbreak and feelings of worthlessness, an unexpected stranger offers Tess some new adventures and a dose of unanticipated happiness. Check out the trailer below:

Besides Sink, Dear Zoe will also see Vivien Lyra Blair, Theo Rossi, Kweku Collins, Jessica Capshaw, Mckenzie Noel Rusiewicz, Sophie Guest, Tanyell Waivers, and Justin Bartha among its cast. The film will see Gren Wells in the director’s chair with a screenplay co-written by Marc Lahorer and Melissa Martin. Following her captivating performances in Stranger Things and the Fear Street trilogy, Sink has been on a roll lately and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. Dear Zoe becomes available at select theaters and on demand, November 4.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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