Saints Row IV Re-Elected: Every Cheat Code (& How to Use Them)

A remaster of the fourth entry in the bombastic crime series, Saints Row IV: Reelected provides the fan-favorite series, fourth game, and amps it up to fit the demands of modern requirements. With all the ludicrous systems, guns, scenarios, characters, and world that the Saints Row series is known for, the series has diverted from the ever-present criticism of it being a “GTA clone” and establishes itself as a new but odd series. There has never been a franchise as odd but equally addicting as the Saints Row games. Combining smooth gameplay with some of the most “unique” set pieces in the industry. Creating a crime series oozing with personality and individuality.


Adding to the ever-growing list of aspects of Saints Row that makes it such a ridiculous series of games is its use of cheat codes to affect elements within the game. These cheats range from the big head mode to turning ever car you drive past into a hostile enemy. These cheats are another fun-filled way to explore and enjoy the ridiculous aspects of Saints Row that has made it such a popular series

With the newest addition to the Saint’s Row franchise receiving very mixed scores with fans of the series, many players are heading back to the past games to relive their glory days. As with any replay of an open-world game, messing around with the world is the best part. The below codes are perfect for those players who want to go crazy in Steelport once again.

All the Available Cheat Codes in Saints Row IV Reelected

The remastered take on the fourth entry in the Saint’s Row series provides a bounty of cheat codes. Players can enter these cheat codes by going to the hub menu, heading to the extras section, and then clicking on the cheat code option.

Code Description
ascii Enables ASCII mode, where all gameplay is made of computer characters.
bigheadmode Activates a special Big Head mode
cheese Provides players $100k
evilcars Makes all the cars on the road target and attack you
fastforward Speeds up the in-game time
fryhole All the dead bodies in the nearby area will begin to float toward the sky
givehovertank Spawns an alien hover tank
givetrouble Spawns an XOR (an alien hoverbike)
goodygoody Removes a player’s notoriety.
hohoho This makes all the pedestrians either pimps or prostitutes
insanecity Activates Insane City
instantwarden Generates instant Warden notoriety
isquishyou All cars can now drive similar to tanks, crushing any nearby vehicles
letsrock Gives you a full loadout of randomized weapons
mascot All pedestrians turn into mascots
noglitchcity Disables Glitch FX
nosuperpowers Disables all Super Powers
nowardens Disables all Warden spawns
repaircar Repairs your current vehicle
runfast Your super sprint doesn’t exhaust your Stamina
superblast Unlocks the Super Blast
superbuff Unlocks Buff
superdfa Unlocks Death from Above
superstomp Unlocks Stomp
supertk Unlocks Telekinesis
unlockitall Grants access to all unlockables
vroom Indestructible cars

Alongside the standard codes, Saint’s Row IV has available cheats already set up for a player to use. To use these simply activate them in the Secrets Menu.

Name Description
Never Die Infinite health
Infinite Ammo Infinite ammo
Unlimited Clip Weapons no longer require reloading
All Super Upgrades Unlocks all Super Power upgrades
100% Super Powers Maxes out Super Power strength

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