Scarlet Witch Could Cause The Downfall Of All Mutantkind, Again

Warning! This article contains spoilers for X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #5

In the fallout of one of the latest X-Men events, X-Men: The Trial of Magneto, Scarlet Witch could cause the downfall of all mutantkind once again. Years ago, Scarlet Witch was the cause of the near extinction of all mutants with the M-Day event where Wanda uttered the now infamous words, “No more mutants” which eradicated most of the population. Now, Scarlet Witch could inadvertently find herself as the cause of another mutant genocide, one that would come from a good place despite the possible outcome. 

In X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #5 by Leah Williams and Lucas Werneck, Toad is framed for the murder of Scarlet Witch who has since been resurrected. Despite not committing the murder, Toad confesses to killing Wanda and is sentenced to an eternity in the Pit, a prison that has been described as a fate worse than death. The real perpetrator of the crime was actually Magneto who killed Wanda after she asked him to with the plan of being resurrected and then sharing her magic with Krakoa and their mutant rebirth program, magic that would give them access to the consciousness of every mutant that had ever existed and therefore no longer restrained by the limited extent of Cerebro alone. For the greater good of all mutantkind, Toad was sacrificed, and Scarlet Witch may be working to rectify that which could cause the downfall of Krakoa. 


After Toad was sentenced, Scarlet Witch was adamant that he not serve the cruel punishment and vowed to work tirelessly to convince the Quiet Council of Krakoa to release him. If Scarlet Witch can’t convince the council to free Toad, she may take it upon herself to free him from the Pit against the Council’s wishes if her guilt gets the better of her. If Scarlet Witch is successful in Toad’s prison break, she could inadvertently release another villain who was sentenced to the Pit upon Krakoa’s creation, one that has already been teased to burn Krakoa to the ground. 

Sabretooth is the only other villain to be sentenced to the Pit, and fans already know that he will be freed from his imprisonment and bring with him absolute carnage to the mutants of Krakoa. How Sabretooth gets out remains to be seen, but if Scarlet Witch tries to make good by Toad and break him out of the Pit, Sabretooth could be released as well, granting him the freedom to unleash his bloody vengeance upon the X-Men. 

The possibility of Scarlet Witch freeing Toad and thereby freeing Sabretooth from the Pit would make any death and destruction caused by Sabretooth Scarlet Witch’s fault. Upon the announcement of his limited series titled Sabretooth, fans are expecting some brutal vengeance from the villain and Scarlet Witch could accidentally be the one who puts Sabretooth on his path of violent retribution—retribution that could mean the end of Krakoa. If she breaks open the gates of the Pit to release Toad from his wrongful imprisonment, and Sabretooth gets out as well, Scarlet Witch could cause the downfall of the X-Men and all mutantkind just as she did with M-Day.

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