Sister Wives: Are Kody Brown & 3rd Wife Christine Brown Related?

Sister Wives fans are thinking that Kody Brown and his third wife Christine Brown are related. Here’s what we think based on their family tree and secrets.

The Mormon and polygamist lifestyle have always been a very secretive world that does not always have the best impression on the public. The Brown family chose to be documented in TLC’s hit show Sister Wives. The TLC cameras follow husband Kody Brown and his four wives with their combined 18 children. The family was forced out of Utah due to strict laws that could have had Kody arrested and now are trying to live as a family unit in a society that looks down on their lifestyle. After deciding to move out of Las Vegas, they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. However, there are plenty of hurdles because the wives will be living in four different houses in the same town, instead of on the same street.


The TLC show is a cult favorite with the network’s followers but recently fans have started asking questions regarding the Brown family tree. During the latest season, fans have gotten glimpses of how confusing the family tree is. For example, Janelle Brown was once married to Adam Barber, her sisters wife, Meri Brown’s brother. Also, Janelle’s mother married Kody’s father. Even Kody’s youngest wife, Robyn’s first husband, David Preston Jessop has ties to the Brown family. Robyn’s ex-husband is Christine’s first cousin and Kody’s third cousin.

This begs the question, are Christine and Kody actually related? The simple answer is yes. Robyn’s ex is a blood cousin to the married couple which would indicate the two are in fact blood relatives. Fans of the family know that the church they once belonged to, The Apostolic United Brethern, is a small group of closely-knit people. Not shockingly, most of the members share the same ancestors. In Kody and Christine’s case, they share a great-great-grandparent. Radar Online reported that Christine’s great-great-grandfather, Bryon Allred, was brother to Nelson Allred. Nelson was Kody’s great-great-grandfather. The connection makes Kody and Christine’s fourth cousins.

Polygamy seemed to be an important institute for Kody and his Sister Wives but it does not look as if his children share the same views. His married daughters have made it clear to TLC cameras that they will not carry on with their family’s beliefs in regards to polygamy. As for being fourth cousins, it does not seem to bother Christine or Kody, so fans can imagine nothing much will change in their relationship.

Source: Radar Online

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