Sister Wives: Who Is Gwen Brown’s Girlfriend Beatriz Queiroz?

Followers of Sister Wives are thrilled that Gwendlyn Brown, the daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, has found such a stable partner in Beatriz Queiroz, but who is she? Gwen has been an outspoken cast member of the TLC show, especially since her mother chose to leave her marriage to Kody. Now, as Gwen embarks on new love, fans are curious about Beatriz.

After over 10 years on TV, Gwendlyn is no longer holding back who she truly is, even if it ruffles some feathers within her large polygamous family. The 20-year-old announced she was bisexual on her Twitter back in September 2020, noting she had never been in the closet. Gwen has publicly supported her mother, Christine, through it all and lashed out at Kody for being an absent father figure. Despite all the turmoil, Gwen has managed to step into adulthood and make the most of her experiences.


Originally, Beatriz hails from Recife, Brazil, which is the capital of Brazil’s northeastern state of Pernambuco. She then moved to Queens Creek, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, where she attended Combs High School. Beatriz’s Facebook bio says she was interested in men, but her preferences have changed since her high school days. The girlfriend of Gwen is bilingual and speaks Portuguese and English. Currently, Beatriz is working for a company called Wander, a premium mapping solution for small and large destinations, as a business development representative. The company is based in Orem, Utah.

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In 2019, Gwen started her higher education at Northern Arizona University, located in Flagstaff. It was there when she was first introduced to Beatriz. It wasn’t until June 2022 that Gwen made their relationship official with a big announcement on Instagram. The couple had been spotted hanging out before they made their dating life public. In May, the couple made a seven-hour drive to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, which would lead many Sister Wives fans to believe that the couple is now residing in Utah.

Most recently, Gwen announced to Sister Wives fans that after four months of dating, she and Beatriz had decided to move in together. Kody and Christine’s daughter showed off her new pad, which looked quite cozy. One photo even showed Beatriz trying to build a bookshelf. Fans are loving that Gwen has found love with Beatriz and hope to be given more updates along their journey.

Source: Beatriz Queiroz/Facebook, Beta, Gwen Brown/Instagram

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