Sister Wives: Why Paedon Brown Is Embarrassed To Be Recognized In Public

Paedon Brown of Sister Wives recently shared that he gets very uncomfortable and embarrassed when he is recognized out in public. The son of Christine and Kody Brown has been pretty outspoken since Sister Wives season 16 wrapped. However, now the aspiring firefighter is wishing he lived a more low-key life.

Since Sister Wives season 16 ended earlier this year, Paedon has been making the most of his fame and staying the center of attention. Kody’s son has openly spoken about his lack of a relationship with the patriarch and offered public support for his mother, Christine. Over the summer, Paedon shared that his rift with Kody stems from Robyn Brown holding a grudge after Paedon was rude to her children. Paedon seems to be enjoying keeping Sister Wives fans up to date and is more than ready to appear in the newest season despite his disdain for fame sometimes.


The 24-year-old got a little too real with Sister Wives fans on his TikTok after he shared a hilarious shopping experience. Paedon recorded the video while in his car and wore his baseball cap backward, noting he loved meeting fans but didn’t like it when he couldn’t “control” how he looked. Paedon, who has shared many bombshells about Kody, revealed that he was embarrassed on a recent trip after being recognized while buying condoms and lubricant. The store clerk realized he was from Sister Wives and decided to gush about how much they loved his mom. While Paedon is usually fine with fans recognizing him, he wanted this interaction to be over mainly due to the embarrassing items in his basket.

Paedon’s had a lot of fun using his social media to keep up with Sister Wives fans and enjoys keeping them in the loop. Most recently, Paedon shared something personal with his followers, explaining that he hopes he makes it into heaven when the time comes. The only son of Kody and Christine also revealed that he is still looking for his life partner. While he hasn’t found anyone yet, Paedon has been receiving several offers in his comment sections on social media.

Sister Wives season 17 premiered on September 11, with Christine and Kody’s divorce being the main storyline. Fans will get a first-hand look at how Christine packed up all her stuff and moved back to Utah. It is safe to assume Paedon will have a few thoughts of his own but will probably have to wait to share them once the new season is a few episodes in.

Source: Paedon Brown/ TikTok

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