Sony’s Karate Kid 2024 Has To Be Different From The 2010 Movie In 1 Way

Sony’s new Karate Kid movie has to be different from the 2010 remake in at least one crucial way. A recent announcement regarding Sony Pictures’ movie slate included a release date for a new Karate Kid film. The news comes on the heels of Cobra Kai season 5, the latest chapter in Netflix’s hit Karate Kid sequel series.

Thanks in large part to Cobra Kai’s success, the Karate Kid franchise is still relevant in 2022, which explains why Sony has an interest in expanding it with a new installment. Though it’s already been confirmed that it will have no link whatsoever with Cobra Kai, a new Karate Kid movie is coming in 2024, whether it be another remake or something else entirely. Either way, it’ll serve as the studio’s third attempt at reviving the franchise. Sony brought back Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi to mentor a new protagonist in the form of Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce in 1994’s The Next Karate Kid, and then in 2010, Sony rebooted the story with a whole new cast of characters led by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.


Regardless of what direction Sony intends to take 2024’s Karate Kid movie, it’s sure to stand apart from the 2010 remake. In addition to the fact that it used all of its own characters, a big part of what makes that movie feel so disconnected from the rest of the franchise is the absence of karate. In spite of its title, 2010’s The Karate Kid actually focused on a completely different form of martial arts. Instead of practicing karate, Smith’s Dre Parker learned kung fu from Jackie Chan’s character. Given that the franchise is built on karate, the change was a massive one, as karate (a Japanese form of fighting) and kung fu (Chinese martial arts) differ culturally, philosophically, and aesthetically. It’s hard to imagine the 2024 movie repeating this decision. Instead, it makes sense that the franchise will put the focus back on its roots.

Sony’s 2024 Movie Could Be A Proper Karate Kid Reboot

At its core, the 2010 movie was a complete reinvention of the Karate Kid story. It shared a similar plot, but the emphasis on kung fu and the decision to set it in China hardly made it come across as a true Karate Kid movie, plus it lacked the crane kick, and several other iconic elements of the original movie. The new version, on the other hand, can be a proper reboot if it adheres closely to the original premise and casts new actors as Daniel LaRusso, Mr. Miyagi, Ali Mills, and Johnny Lawrence.

An alternative scenario is that Sony’s new take on The Karate Kid would once again invoke new interpretations of the classic characters. But unlike the situation with the 2010 film, there’s a good chance that the new version will at least tell a story that’s accurate to the title and serve as a retelling of Daniel LaRusso’s journey that’s true to the essence of the original movie.

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